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Five iOS7 Features You May Have Missed

Apple officially released iOS7 and millions downloaded the new operating system. Many more will experience it on the new iPhone 5S or 5C. The flat design is the most obvious change for iOS7. Apple also identified many big feature changes in its keynote and on its website. At InfoSpace, we took a look at Apple’s execution of iOS7 just after it was announced.

But there are many features Apple chose not to identify as clearly as others. Here are five you might have missed:

Screenshot of Shared Links in Safari
The Shared Links tab is found in Safari next to the Bookmarks and Reading List tabs.

@ Tab in Safari

In the Safari browser, you’ve always been able to bookmark webpages and more recently create an offline reading list. In iOS7, if your phone or tablet is connected to your Twitter account, go to the “@” tab within the Reading List, and you’ll find all the links tweeted out by those you are following.

This is an easy way to clear out some of the noise from Twitter, and a great way to find interesting articles, posts, and links to read.

Timestamps for texts
Timestamps for text messages tell you when each text was sent and received

Timestamps for Text Messages

A frustrating feature in previous in the text message app in previous iOS releases is that time stamps for text messages only appeared periodically, and not for every text message. Sometimes it was hard to tell how much time had passed between sending and receiving a text. 

In iOS7, Apple has fixed this frustration. Go into the text messaging app and pull the screen to the right. Timestamps for every text message appear.

A built-in level app is accessible when you swipe to the left on the compass.

Built In Level

There are far too many apps available for home improvement. In iOS7, Apple included a level as a native app, so now there is no need to download additional apps. 

Navigating to the level is not obvious. You need to go into the compass app, then swipe to the left. A beautifully designed level opens. When the surface is perfectly level, the screen turns green.

Another home improvement app that is now native to iOS7 is a flashlight. From the lock screen, you can swipe up, and the button in the lower-left corner activates a flashlight.

Unlimited apps in folders
Folders now have no limit for number of apps allowed.

Folders Have Pages

If you are strict about organizing your apps in folders, but constantly run out of room because you have more apps than the folder can accommodate, your problems have been solved by iOS7. No more app limits in folders. Instead, folders have pages.

Just swipe to the left to reveal new pages. 

Apps are moved in and out of folders, and reorganized, in the same way as before. Just hold your finger on any app or folder until it shakes, then it is movable.

Custom vibration
Create your own custom vibration for ringtones and alarms.

Custom Vibration Update

The ability to create custom vibrations to go along with ringtones and alarms existed in previous versions of iOS, but it was not widely popularized. The design of this feature, like most everything else in iOS7 has changed. 

By a press of your finger, you can create your very own vibrations and assign them to different contacts. 

Once you have downloaded iOS7, tell us your favorite features in the comments!

Sam Edelstein

Sam is an alumnus of the iSchool's Information Management and Data Science programs, and works as the City of Syracuse's first Chief Data Officer. Sam loves to talk all things Orange, tech, and travel. Connect with him on Twitter @samedelstein.

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