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3 Good Alternatives to Google Reader

When Google Reader announced its retirement, that was a setback for all of us who used it. However, that situation opened the opportunity for other companies to develop their own readers, and those companies will begin to fill the void that occurs when Google Reader shuts down July 1.

Three options to consider as alternatives are Feedly, The Old Reader and NewsBlur.

Feedly was a popular choice for RSS feeds, even before Google announced its Reader shutdown. Some of its attributes are:

  • It combines its algorithm with an aesthetic front-end users have the liberty of organizing their content as desired
  • The content can be viewed in four formats – Title Only View, Magazine View, Cards View and Full Article View
  • It offers color scheme choices
  • The content is easy to organize into desired customizable categories
  • This is the only service which offers mobile applications across all platforms to compliment the web browser service
  • It is easy to share content across all social media platforms
  • A Save for Later feature allows users to save any article for future reading.

In my view, from easy-to-organize content to a fully customizable UI with mobile applications, Feedly does a fascinating job of replacing Google Reader. 


The Old Reader

Created as a perfect look-a-like replacement for Google Reader, The Old Reader, while still in its beta mode, does the job efficiently.

  • It has all the functionalities of the Google Reader (including the keyboard shortcuts)
  • It has some additional tools for sharing and organization
  • Users can log in via Facebook or Google and import feeds from Google Reader or any other service via OPML if the user needs to import them securely
  • It’s fast, simple and free.

Currently, The Old Reader presently lacks the support of any mobile applications.  Developers say these are on the way.



If you want a blazing-fast reader, NewsBlur is for you. Although the UI isn’t very pleasing, NewsBlur will amaze you with its speed and features it offers.

  • The user can toggle between different article views
  • Views are: Original (where the articles will be shown as on the website); Feed (the formatting will be modified to suit the UI); Text (a text-only option) and Story view
  • Users can “star” the stories, save them for later reading, and create a new blurblog,which can be shared on the network
  • NewsBlur also provides mobile application support, providing the latest stories around the world, on the go.

If you want to change the privacy settings of your account or follow more than 64 websites on NewsBlur, you will have to buy premium subscriptions,which come at a price of $24 per year and $36 per year.


Which reader do you think you would you prefer using once Google Reader retires? Let us know in your comments below.

Hrishikesh Deshkar

I am a graduate student at Syracuse University, majoring in Information Management. I like to keep myself updated on the technological front and just when my knowledge tends to overflow, I share it with the world.

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