PrivacyFix: An Easy Way to Fix Your Facebook Privacy Settings

You may not want to admit how much time you spend on Facebook, nor how much information Zuckerberg has about you. Those embarrassing photos of you are still on there, and they aren’t going to go anywhere, regardless of whether or not you delete your picture.

Facebook has changed its privacy settings several times, and as result, knowing which information is shared with others has become a struggle. Settings that used to be readily accesible are now difficult to find, and complicated sentence structures leaves users confused. 

I thought I had my Facebook totally locked down until I checked out PrivacyFix. This service revealed that Facebook was taking advantage of things I’d missed because I was tired of reading boring documentation and poking around different aspects of the site. Although my profile, posts and likes, and activity on Facebook has now been fixed, I realized that much of my information was public and Facebook was using my activity for advertisements.

Facebook was making money off of people just like me, who were also confused by their privacy settings! I quickly clicked the “fix” button next to each description, which allowed PrivacyFix to take me right to the page on Facebook that allows users to change their settings. Behold, my data was suddenly fixed! Within five minutes, my Facebook profile was much more secure and I felt better knowing that information was only being shared between me and my friends. 

But PrivacyFix will do more than save you from Facebook’s complex privacy policies. It will also help you fix your Google page, websites that are using cookies to track you right now, and websites that have retained your personal information. Another few easy clicks will help you stay secure as you keep using the Internet. 

The Internet can be a scary place, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions to make sure that your pictures and personal information are safe. But don’t worry, PrivacyFix is secure. By utilizing HTTPS, your data is encrypted and can’t be tracked by others who are sniffing the network. Using PrivacyFix is a fast and easy way to take care of your activity online, and may just save you from identity theft or even just an embarrassing moment at a job interview.

Have you used Privacy Fix to help you protect your online activity? Will you start? Weigh in on online privacy in the comments section. 

Anne Marie Suchanek

Hi! I'm Anne Marie, a second year Masters in Information Management student at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. Feel free to chat with me on Twitter @AnneMarieNY

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