What’s New With YouTube?

Maybe you love watching countless videos of cute babies or cats. Maybe you occasionally like to check out a music video or two. Whether you are the avid YouTuber or just the occasional online video watcher, you will notice something new next time you head to YouTube.

The popular video sharing website is now sporting a brand new look complete with a new homepage and YouTube guide.

What You Will Notice

Immediately the new YouTube homepage grabs your attention with its Google-like stylings and it’s more simplistic design. The goal of this redesign was to center the experience around the video you are watching, and to keep you watching similar content.

This isn’t the first time that YouTube has redesigned to create a better user experience. About one year ago YouTube redesigned its site with the goal of getting more users subscribing to more channels. Twice as many users have subscribed following last year’s refresh.

The YouTube guide that comes with this most recent facelift takes a stab at getting users to stick around and watch related videos. Most of YouTube’s users find videos through searches, but video playlists, which now appear on the right side of videos, is an attempt to keep users online watching multiple videos of related content.

The Drawbacks

While many users would be happy to hear that YouTube was redesigned with the average user in mind, some won’t be happy with the latest cosmetic overhaul. According to Forbes, businesses and retailers might be particularly unhappy.

YouTube’s overarching goal is to keep users on its site, watching more and more videos. But businesses, brands and retailers usually have a different goal in mind – to redirect viewers to their websites to spend money.

Other Popular Redesigns

Whether you’re a fan of change, or like things to stay the way they always were, you probably know that the world of the web is no stranger to change.

Whether it’s YouTube with its latest aesthetic changes, Facebook, with its frequent functionality updates, or MySpace with its dramatic new attempt at revival, redesigns happen – usually with you, the user, in mind.

MySpace, in particular, is undergoing a complete overhaul. The new user experience aims to draw in Generation Y.  It will largely be centered around musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and designers.

It offers a minimalistic new design very similar to the social pinning site Pinterest. It has the graphic feel of a Pinterest with the minimalistic feel of Google+. Will the completely new functionality be a much needed push in the right direction? You can be one of the first to try the new MySpace by visiting the site and adding your email to an invitation list.

Will You Like the New YouTube?

Whether you like the newly redesigned YouTube will be up to your experience. (I can certainly tell you that I enjoy the cleaner, bolder look.)

What’s nice about this redesign is that it is not too drastic. When the new Newsfeed or Timeline features hit Facebook, for example, many people were at a loss for how to use the new features in the beginning. YouTube has not made any dramatic changes with this redesign, but has placed an emphasis on certain features and add new streamlined functionality to others. 

My guess? You wont be writing any angry status updates about this relatively useful redesign.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below or tweet me @JaredMandel with your input on the new YouTube.

Jared Mandel

Jared is a Masters student in The School of Information Studies. He is earning his Masters in Information Management. In his free time he enjoys blogging for InformationSpace and catching up on his favorite TV shows. Connect with him @JaredMandel.

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