My Immediate Reactions to iOS 6

The highly anticipated iOS 6 was finally publicly released yesterday! Many people were eager to download while others were hesitant to change from iOS 5. iOS 6 gave consumers many changes they were asking for, while others were uncertain about updating.

Mail – Perhaps the biggest change to the Mail app was the “VIP List” you can now create. By adding VIPs to your email accounts, you can “quickly acsesss mail from important people in your VIP Mailbox.” You can now also insert videos and pictures directly into an email rather than going to the Photos app first. That is a huge convenience that left many Apple fans happy. Overall, I’m still a Sparrow fan at heart but am pleased Apple took steps to make the app easier to use.

The new Music app

iTunes – iTunes has a whole new look! The new silver/white design gives a different feel to the OS. The layout of the app is the same, but the look immediately catches you off guard. I haven’t completely adjusted to the change and was uncomfortable with a different feel, but I’m quickly getting acclimated to the sleeker feel of the app.

Facebook Integration – Transitioning from a BlackBerry to an iPhone was great, but I did miss Facebook integration. The iPhone finally caught up and allowed integration with contacts, the notification center, and the calendar. Now, all of your phone contacts can grab information from Facebook including birthdays and profile pictures. Events on Facebook can also sync up to the events on your phone. If you’re still into rapidly updating your Facebook status, you can now “tap to post” from the notification  center.

Facetime – Another highly anticipated updated was being able to Facetime from anywhere. With previous versions of iOS, you could only Facetime someone on an iDevice with a 3G connection. Now, you can Facetime from anywhere. This makes Facetiming easier and more convenient for apple fans.

Phone – One cool feature was the ability to be reminded later about an incoming call or immediately send a text message to someone with custom messages (think “I can’t talk now…what’s up?”) This makes it much easier to quickly decline a call but also keep the other party informed. This got many “oohs” and “ahhs” from Apple fans who have thus far been pleased with the feature.

Panorama – Remember all of those panorama apps you had to try out? Delete them. Apple’s new camera has an awesome panorama feature that guides you as you take a panorama of your environment. This added feature from Apple will definitely be used by consumers and is a great addition to a simple app.

Maps with turn-by-turn directions

Maps – Apple Fans were begging for turn by turn directions, and huzzah! They’re here. Apple ditched Google Maps and revamped the Maps feature. Maps can now be seen in 3D, zooming in/out is much smoother, and the user interface is beautiful. This was definitely a huge plus for Apple.

Passbook – I was one of the unfortunate people who got a glitchy version of Passbook and wasn’t able to use it. Passbook combines all of your tickets and other scheduling information into one app, which consolidates information into an easy and simple place to access. Fans (aside from the ones with glitchy versions, of course!) have been pleased with the latest addition

App Store – Like the music app, the the App Store got a whole new redesign. The layout of the app has changed slightly and the white/silver look has also been implemented. Downloads now occur directly in the App Store, which makes continuing to use the app much easier than it once was. Apple also implemented swiping left to right to browse now instead of up and down, which contradicts with my scrolling intuition. The Facebook app has a similar feature with scrolling left to right to view photos. This will definitely take some getting used to but it isn’t a bad feature by any means.

Siri– Siri can now do more awesome things. I personally think Siri is great to mock with friends and occasionally set up reminders; I look up things manually and text people myself. However, if you’re into getting the most out of Siri, you can now do more. Siri can now look up sports score, restaurants, and movie times. Siri is quickly becoming more innovative and knowledgable. Take advantage of all of her features if you love speaking to your iDevice.

The new App Store

Blue Bar – Finally, clearly the most crucial of  updates, is the blue bar that now appears at the top of the Messages and Mailing screens. People first think that the blue bar was implemented to match the blue color of the app, but others are just left thinking “why?”

The iOS definitely looks different and will take some getting used to. The new look and feel haven’t settled just yet, but will definitely create a better iOS experience.

To view all of the updates from Apple themselves, click here.

What are your impressions of iOS 6? Share them below.

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