Why I decided to pay for Spotify

Why I Finally Started Paying For Spotify Premium

Well, they got me. I’m forking over cash for Spotify now. If you haven’t heard about it already, Spotify is the newest, hottest music service on the market. I first heard about it when it was released in the United Kingdom, but now it’s here in the United States, and it’s here to stay.

How Spotify Works

When I downloaded Spotify to my MacBook, it didn’t take even ten minutes before I proclaimed it “the greatest thing ever.” That may be bold, but at least you get an idea of its impact. At its core, Spotify is a music player, similar to iTunes. It lets you play your music, create playlists, etc.

But unlike iTunes, Spotify allows you to “add” music to your library with the click of a button, and at absolutely no charge. You simply search for the artist or track or album, and “star” it, to add it to your library.  This may sound a lot like Napster or LimeWire, but with Spotify, the music you “add” to your library isn’t actually downloaded; it stays in the cloud, and can only be played through the application.

So now I have Spotify, a music player on my laptop that combines music I own and stored locally on my computer, with bookmarked music stored in the cloud. And best of all, I haven’t paid a dime for any of it. I have doubled my music library, created playlists for parties, relaxing, and more. I connected my account to Facebook, so my friends can send cool new music to my inbox. This is awesome.

Oh! Look at the time! I have class in twenty minutes so I better get a move on. Grab the books, make sure I have my phone, and I’m out the door. Now, I have quite a long walk to class, so I’m going to put my headphones in and listen to some of the new tunes I just discovered on Spot – Oh…bummer. I completely forgot that all of my music is stuck in that Spotify window on my laptop. I guess I’ll have to settle for Pandora …

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Hmm, so this is where Spotify gets ya.

While it’s great to listen to any song I want to on my computer, what I really want is to play my music on the go. I want it when I’m in the car, on my walk to school, or when I’m at my friend’s apartment. And luckily enough, I can have it … for the low fee of $9.99 per month.

With some simple arithmetic skills, I realized that Spotify Premium would cost $120 bucks a year, which seemed like a pretty solid chunk of change just to listen to music that I could buy one time and have forever. So I decided it wasn’t for me.

I reasoned with myself for a week or two. I kept telling myself that I had a wonderful iTunes library filled with music that synced between my phone and computer. Or what about Pandora Radio, which has proven to be one of the best music discovery applications. And if I’m really desperate to quench my musical thirst, there’s a good chance I can find a particular song on YouTube.

But then came the 30-day free trial.

And sure enough, thirty days later, I was hooked. The convenience and accessibility was too much for me to ignore. Now I have my music, and practically every other song ever created, everywhere I travel. I absolutely love it! Sure, I haven’t opened iTunes on my computer in weeks, and my Pandora usage has dropped off significantly. But I still listen to both, just less frequently.

I suppose it was never a question of whether or not I would like Spotify Premium, but rather I wondered if Premium was worth ten bucks a month. I must say I believe it’s worth every penny. It even made a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for my always-on-the-go mom.

If you want to try Spotify Premium for yourself, I would urge you to do so. But beware; once you give it a shot, you might just be completely satisfied with what Spotify can do.

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Michael Downes

Michael Downes '14 is an alum of the BS in Information Management and Technology program at the Syracuse University iSchool. You can find Michael on Twitter @MichaelFDownes.

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  • Runner

    I agree. I am 50 years old and never thought I would pay for music that I didn’t own. But having the ability to stream music over my phone at the office via wifi is well worth the $10 bucks per month. Additionally, at home I only listen to music via Spotify on my Mac. I can’t remember the last time I used iTunes for anything other than downloading podcasts. I think Spotify is the best thing to happen to the music listening experience since iTunes was introduced.

  • wila

    hi!, does the playing music offline works for the phone? and will it consume a lot of space in your phone?

    • ju

      yes it works offline. No, it doesnt consume a lot of space..

  • Try GrooveShark it’s exactly the same and FREE!

    • Noob

      Except less music. Whoops

    • Maxwell Erickson

      …and it’s gone.

  • Gail

    IF I have Spotify Premium, can I put my playlists onto CDs? If so how?

  • NYgrl

    My trial is almost up and I’m debating on whether to upgrade or not but $10 a month is a bit steep but it seems worth it and pandora is only 3.99
    Decisions decisions lol

  • Geoffrey

    You can get Spotify Premium for just $10/YEAR here: http://getspotify.juplo.com
    I bought from that site and the subscription has been functional for 7 months so far.

    I hope this post helped you guys save a few bucks,

  • Geoffrey

    You can get Spotify Premium for just $10/YEAR here: getspotify.juplo.com
    I bought from that site and the subscription has been functional for 7 months so far.

    I hope this post helped you guys save a few bucks,

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  • Edward Mclaughlin

    I want to cancel Spotify Account

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  • Rich

    I’m thinking about getting Spotify Premium also. Two main reasons. One, I don’t want to listen to the commercials anymore and two it would be really cool to have it on my iphone when I’m not home. Do you know if you can purchase a year at a time or just month by month?

  • Andy

    Hey Michael,
    I totally agree with you! Being a student music teacher (at the young age of 50!) I also find that Spotify is the best thing that ever happened to me. Any music, anywhere, anytime, it’s just incredible…I spent my younger life listening to “albums” on vinyl and being amazed at the quality….now Spotify does all that and more, giving great quality at the touch of a button…..a total revelation in this modern age….Enjoy!!!

  • Robert Sandford

    Hey, I just signed up for Spotify as well (convert from SiriusXM). I was really missing some of the sirius music channels (Boneyard, The Highway, Cofee House) until I randomly came across this app called ssradio (http://www.ssradio.me) that adds SiriusXM channels to your spotify account! Not sure how it works, but it’s simple and cool.

  • Joel

    Can you record spotify radio station at night to be listened to the following day, so you dont get jabbed with data usage. I love the random selection that is played and it introduces you to new artist you might otherwise hear…

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  • mizzy rabble

    i love spotify

  • Jessica Its All Good Williams

    Hey Michael I love your blog article! I am not a student (however, those were some good days), and I was using this 7 day trail as I headed out of town for the holidays. I was hooked on the 1st day. So I wanted to do a little research as I considered paying for it. I found your blog and it looks like you just told me my future hon! Thanks!

  • Adam Smith

    It’s definitely worth it. For me, I paid initially just to get rid of the ads, because sometimes you get multiple ads in a row, and when I’m hyped up on music cleaning my house, it really killed the mood, and my neighbours could hear it too :p Also did a premium trial, cancelled, then when I went back realised the quality was less. Once Spotify was part of daily life, I realised playing on my phone on the daily train commute was fantastic, no more copying music files around. Those 3 things are pretty much worth the premium cost individually, so yeah, it’s a no brainer to get premium. Being able to search an artist, and play both their hits as well as full albums in a couple of clicks is just too good. This is the best thing since Youtube. And for music, is better.