Around the World in 110 Days: The Technology Behind My Summer Trip

For 110 days this summer, from May 6 through August 24, I will literally be traveling around the world.  Armed with just a backpack and my intuition, I will travel to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia during my summer break in order to find myself, by getting lost in the world.  And since I like to do backflips, I want to see the world, and backflip all over it.

That said, here’s a list of what I will be taking with me on my trip:


1.  Gregory Baltoro 65 – First and foremost, I need a backpack to keep my belongings.  It needs to be big enough to allow me to carry everything I will need for 3 months, but small enough that I can easily carry it on my back.  Along with my few sets of clothes, the backpack will be the least technological item in my inventory.



2. Apple New iPad w/ AT&T 4G – I need a way to stay connected with the world, and since I will not have a cell phone during this trip, I need a device that allows me to connect from anywhere.  I will be paying for the international data plan ($99 for 275MB) so that I can checkin on Foursquare, so that my parents and friends can see exactly where I am, and so that I can communicate via email and Twitter.  At night, I will hopefully have WiFi at wherever I’ll be staying to upload photos and videos to my blog.





3.  GoPro HD w/ GorillaPod – In order to film myself doing backflips and other potentially crazy antics throughout my trip, I will be taking my GoPro video camera.  It shoots at 720p at 60fps, and is 100% waterproof.  The GorillaPod will allow me to strap the camera to a bench or railing so I can film myself if no one else is around. (foreveralone.jpg)  I also have an extra battery, in case I don’t get a chance to charge it for a few days.




4. Nikon D90 w/ 18-135mm Lens – I love photography, in fact, it was what I originally came to Syracuse for.  I want to get back into taking photos.





5. SD Card Reader for iPad – I need a way to get the pictures and videos off of my cameras and onto my iPad.  Bingo, $5 on Amazon.  Then I can go about distributing the content on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.



6.  Dropbox – With only 16GB of local storage on my iPad, I am limited to how much video and pictures I take.  But I figure, for $19.99/20GB/month, I can take as much as I want, dump it onto my iPad with my sweet SD card reader, and then upload it to my Dropbox account.


6.5 Google Drive – Google Drive just came out.  I might just sell my soul and arguably the rights to all of my information by signing up for only $2.49/25GB/month.




7.  Stereo Vinyl Cruiser (Mini Longboard) – Probably the most important item in my arsenal.  There should be no reason why I can’t do something I love in all parts of the world.  I found this little guy for $80.  And the cool thing is, that at just 22″, it literally fits right in my backpack.



I am overwhelmed, scared, and extremely excited for this trip.  I hope some of the stress will leave me as I leave the ground.  If you are interested in following my travels, or want to connect with me on the other side of the world, you can reach me on Twitter (@SamTheCobra) or check out my website to see where I am at all times, and follow my updates on my personal blog, as well as right here on Information Space.

Sam Morrison

My name is Sam Morrison. I am (now) the Video Production Manager at Kaltura, an open source video platform tech startup in NYC. I love content creation and strategy. You can find me on Instagram @samthecobra.

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  • Sam, this is so exciting! I can’t wait to follow your travels as you span the globe…I know you will be inspiring others to follow their dreams.  Safe travels and see you back in NEXIS in the fall. 🙂

  • Have an amazing time and enjoy every minute of it! I’m excited to follow along your journey! 

  • SamTheCobra

    Thanks guys!  I’ll be posting on my blog as much as I can!

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