SU’s Block Party 2012 Trends on Twitter: #ThingsIdRatherDoThanGoToBlockParty

Despite the rather long hashtag, #ThingsIdRatherDoThanGoToBlockParty has become a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

Block Party is an annual end of the year concert that takes place in the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY. For Syracuse students, the concert is a way to celebrate the completion of another year and to share an experience with thousands of other Syracuse students before school’s out for the summer. The headliner is always highly anticipated and students often have very strong opinions on the artists performing. Students typically voice their initial reactions through social media, which seems to be the quickest way for them to release and share their opinions.

This year, their voices were heard louder than ever. At 11:56PM on March 26th, University Union at Syracuse University announced that Kaskade and Cold War Kids would be playing this year. Immediately, tweets came pouring in to the Twitterverse. Students who formerly complained about the several rap artists performing on campus were relieved to hear an electronic artist (Kaskade) was performing at Block Party. Others were upset, complaining that the headliners were no-namers. Some questioned University Union’s budget and discussed how they were disappointed (yet again) with the headliners.

The disappointment with Block Party prodded Syracuse student Ben Glidden to start tweeting about things he’d rather do than go to Block Party. After a few jokes of his own, he then asked the community “Cuse fam, what would you rather do than go to block party? #thingsidratherdothangotoblockparty”. Thus, the hashtag was born.

The hashtag quickly spun out of control. People started to tweet in their own #thingsidratherdothangotoblockparty jokes. Tweets poked fun at mundane tasks but also made fun of the University, including “Connect to AirOrangeX” (@steak_fajita) and “Get tutored by Fab Melo” (@joegunn19).

At approximately 2:00am on March 27th, the hashtag became a worldwide trend. Glidden, saying he “didn’t mean for it to get this big” and he “created a monster” continuing to interact with the community on Twitter, and appeared to be stunned that the trend got noticed so quickly. He’ll soon be interviewed by the Daily Orange to comment further.

Original Twitpic Image from @ljmilman:
Original Twitpic Image from @ljmilman:

Although #thingsidratherdothangotoblockparty is no longer a trending topic, the hashtag is still leaving its mark on the community. Syracuse University sophomore Brad Slavin created <a href="

How @beneg92 (accidentally?) created the top Worldwide trending topic.

How @beneg92 (accidentally?) created the top Worldwide trending topic.”>this Storify, which shared the reactions to the Block Party announcement. A website has also been created for the hashtag, although the owner and designer of the site is unknown.

The two hours it took for the hashtag to trend across the nation, and then worldwide, stunned all. Students and members of the Syracuse community tweeted about their disbelief over the popularity over the hashtag. People are still sharing their ideas over the headliners, and now the fame of the hashtag on Twitter. University Union has yet to tweet in response to the hashtag.

Ben Glidden was not interviewed for this article. All information received via Twitter. What do you think about the Block  Party artists? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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