iPhone or Transformer? There is an App for Everything

I keep hearing people say “There’s an app for everything”. As a new iPhone owner, I set out to explore the validity of this statement. I began my journey by browsing thousands of apps. While I did come across a plethora of bizarre applications, I was most impressed when I realized all the things my little phone could become. I knew I was in possession of a communication device, but I was not aware that it could also be a cowbell, a bacon clock, a lie detector, and a cat toy (to name a few). Clearly, I did not pay enough for this ever so versatile machine. I do not own an iPhone, I own the ultimate transformer.  Here are just some of my favorite non-advertised uses for the iPhone or iPad.

Poop Analyzer With this 99 cent gem, all you have to do is scan your finger and you will find out what kind of poop you will have the next time you go. I swear I am not making this up.

Siamese Petting Cat – This app is particularly useful for anyone with cat allergies. There is no need for a real cat when you can pet and play with your iPhone.  The lite version is free and saves you the cost of cat food.

Lie Detector Free Polygraph –  It turns your phone or iPad into a lie detector. Not sure if someone is telling you the truth? Here is the way to find out. It doesn’t even cost anything.

Baby Monitor – Having a baby? There’s no need to buy a monitor. For $2.99 you can download this app and your iPhone or iPad becomes a baby monitor. Using two devices, you receiving streaming video and audio of your bundle of joy.

Dog Translator – Ever wonder what your dog is trying to tell you? Wonder no more. The free “Dog Translator” app lets you record your dog’s barking and tells you what he/she is saying.

Cat Toy – That’s right, no more catnip for Morris, even felines have gone high tech. This app turns your device into a cat toy. A little mouse runs around on the screen, even responding to your cat’s paw on the screen. Of course, if you decide on the digital cat, you will not need this.

Fart Cushion – We found this app after my five year old popped his real whoopee cushion. Simply touch the image of the whoopee cushion and you will hear the satisfying fart noise all kids love. It even works if someone sits on it. Shockingly, this app is free.

Game Show Buzzer – Jeopardy fan? Now you can play along at home with your very own game show buzzer. It’s free too!

Menorah – In case you are traveling over Hanukkah, you can transform your device into a virtual menorah. Light the candles on this charming free app.

Pest Control – The Ultrasonic Pest Control app emits a high frequency sound that repels insects. I will definitely give this one a try this summer.   Since it is free, there is no risk. And hey, it is better for the environment than those pesky chemical repellents.

Fire Place – Feel like cuddling up in front of a warm fire but don’t want to build one? Fire up the FirePlace app. For 99 cents, it even crackles too.


Flashlight – If you are like me, you never know where your flashlight is and when you do find it, it does not have batteries.  I never need to worry again, as my iPhone is now a handy flashlight. You can even change the color and produce special effects. It doesn’t cost a cent either.

Knitting Needle Organizer – For $2.99 your iPhone can become a knitting needle organizer. This handy app keeps an inventory of all your needles and comes with a search function. Who would have known?

I may never need to buy anything else ever again. Let me know what other interesting, strange, or useful apps you have found for your iPhone or iPad in the comments below!

  • Norah Vacation

    I own an IPhone and I can assure you it is the best smartphone ever invented. I am sure everyone that have used one will confirm that!

  • This what you call the power of smart phone today. Thanks a lot for this and I start will looking available apps like this in the apps store. Cheers!