Rock stars vs. librarians

I’ve been thinking about how Keith Richards wants to be a librarian, and how everyone is so SHOCKED, like being a librarian can’t be a dream job the way being a rock star is. Seriously, just look at how much the two have in common:

  • Rock star: Has groupies.
  • Librarian: Groups things.
  • Rock star: Has great hair.
  • Librarian: Has great hair hidden in a bun, until she takes it down after ripping off her glasses and opening a button and kicking off her sensible shoes. At least, that’s what happens in the movies. Unless the librarian is a man, in which case they turn into a ninja or an adventurer or something when they get out of work. Or Batgirl. Which is JUST like a rock star.
  • Rock star: Has fans.
  • Librarian: Has fans of the ceiling or box variety.
  • Rock star: Has techies.
  • Librarian: Is a techie. If it’s a young, up-to-date, librarian we’re talking about. Which we are. Because….my #1 takeaway from school right now? BE A TECHIE OR YOU WON’T GET A JOB! Which is why I’m taking a database course and an information architecture course next fall, which will probably kill me. Or at the very least will leave me with angina like you wouldn’t believe, in which case get ready for more posts about how I’m aging and decrepit.
  • Rock star: Goes on the road.
  • Librarian: Works in a building that’s on a road.
  • Rock star: Has rock star glasses.
  • Librarian: Has librarian glasses, which happen to be quite trendy right now, which means rock stars are probably wearing them.
  • Rock stars: Have gazillions of Twitter followers.
  • Librarians: Should have gazillions of Twitter followers, because they can be very intelligent in 140 characters or less. Unlike some celebrities who shall go unnamed, because I mean pretty much all celebrities, because I’m feeling catty.
  • Rock stars: Inspire cattiness.
  • Librarians: Have cats. Sometimes right there in the library. In fact there are so many library cats around the world that someone (Iron Frog Productions) has created this brilliant map: Library Cats Map.
  • Rock star: Is all about sex, drugs and rock & roll.
  • Librarian: Can tell you how to find anything you ever wanted to know about sex, drugs and rock & roll without having to try it all. Which may not be quite as much fun, but will help you live longer. Thus giving librarians the power to save the world!

  • Gillian Navarro

    I love this post. Librarians rock!

  • Yasir Ahmed

    This has been an epiphany.
    My life has changed after reading this.

  • So, Yasir–does that mean you’re dying to be a librarian, now? 😉

  • Yasir Ahmed

    Right now? I am dying to be anything that pays!

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