Library Dancing

Last year I searched “library” and “dance” in YouTube, intending to write about dance companies, dance classes, guerrilla dances by patrons in the stacks, etc. I got distracted, though, by the discovery of library book cart drill teams and never went back. (To read about those and see some doozies, check out Librarians Get Funky.) A few months later I did the same search and got distracted by library raves, which you can see here. (Is Bird Library ready for a rave? Hmmm……)

Anyway, I’ve searched again, and of course found thousands of videos, but I’m lazy and only looked at the first two pages’ worth. Still, lo and behold! There are some awesome dances, including a robot dressed up as Britney Spears. But my favorites are the silent ones. These are people who uphold the dictum of “sh”-ness and yet let it all hang out. The first one is four guys who try to do something like that commercial where hundreds of people break into a choreographed dance in the middle of, like, Grand Central or something. This is only four guys, and they don’t exactly have choreography and there aren’t a lot of people watching, so it doesn’t quite have the impact of those monster breakout routines crowded public spaces. But it caught on! There are tons of silent library dances at their school on YouTube. Anyway, the best part is the guy who tries to fish and then gets all mad.

This is my absolute favorite, and has been viewed 18,479 times.

There are more silent library dances, but they’re kind of boring. I just love the concept. I’m going to go right over to my branch library and do a silent dance. (Actually, maybe that’s best left to the younguns. That’s all I need when I start job-hunting is for someone to say, “Wait a minute, aren’t you that woman who started dancing in a library and made all the children cry? I saw that on YouTube. Get out.”)

Here’s a library dance that’s kind of fun, though. It’s not silent, but it’s four guys grooving in the stacks. I’m putting it in, music and all, because–well, they just worked really hard! (Warning: there’s a guy dancing in boxers halfway through. If you’re offended by boxers you should leave this post right now. Or if you’re offended by furry hats. Or if you’re just offended.)