Ian MacInnes

Associate Professor
224 Hinds Hall
Phone: 315.443.4101
Ian Macinnes

Ian MacInnes is Associate Professor at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies, where he has been a faculty member since 1999. He spent two years teaching at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management after completing a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in Political Economy and Public Policy and a master’s degree at the London School of Economics. He was also a Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and at the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva.

For five years Dr. MacInnes served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, managing curriculum, course offerings, development of new programs, and the hiring and mentoring of part-time instructors. He has chaired several university level committees including the University Senate, Senate Agenda Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Appointment and Promotions Committee, Vice Chancellor and Provost Search, as well as the Strategic Plan Working Group on Innovation and Institutional Renewal. He teaches applied economics for information managers, information policy, and information industry strategy in campus and online formats.

His research interests involve public policy, economics, and law for information and communication technology, including privacy, electronic markets, and social networks. He is also working on the evolution of work and wealth distribution as a result of advances in information and communication technologies. His previous research has covered digital transactions for content, software, and services; dynamics of business models; industry convergence; trust and fraud in electronic markets; virtual world economies; business models for online entertainment; as well as the implications of compatibility standards for competition policy.


Ian MacInnes currently teaches in the same areas that he does his research: information industry strategy and electronic commerce. Prior to joining the School of Information Studies he taught courses on business strategy, international business, international communication management, economics of institutions, and microeconomics.


Ian MacInnes regularly presents at conferences and writes in journals in the fields of communication and information systems. Many of these are focused on the topic of digital commerce. For example, he is on the conference committee for the Bled Electronic Commerce Conference. He has been invited to speak at universities in five countries. He has also served as a Syracuse University senator.

Ian MacInness research can be classified as information industry strategy with sub-areas including electronic commerce, compatibility standards, competitive strategy, and international business. He is interested in the converging information industry that includes hardware, software, information services, telecommunications, and content. For example, he has worked on consumer oriented electronic commerce, particularly for goods that can be distributed digitally such as books, periodicals, software, video, and music. He has also examined the impact of network effects and standardization on market power.

I am a technology nut and enjoy gadgets. I enjoy learning about history.