On November 4-5, the iSchool is hosting Data Science Day. The two-day event will feature presentations and panel discussions from full-time faculty, part-time adjuncts, and graduate students on understanding and applying data science. 

“We want to show students, alumni, as well as prospective students how data science is used in many varied situations,” says Jeff Saltz, Program Director for the MS in Applied Data Science program at the iSchool. “Data Science Day will enable the iSchool to show the many different ways that data science is and might be applied in society.”

For those new to the field of data science, the two-day event will open with “Exploring What is Data Science & Analytics,” a presentation by Saltz explaining the basic concepts of data science and how it is used in society. Some noteworthy presentations that will be of interest to all participants include “The Use of Data Science to Better Address COVID-19,” with Thibaut Jombart, Associate Professor at Imperial College London, as well as the WHO analytics team, and “What is Visual Analytics,” with iSchool Associate Professor Jeffrey Hemsley. Another session of interest, “Applied Deep Learning,” with iSchool Assistant Professor Daniel Acuna, will discuss emerging machine learning techniques. 

Data Science Day also provides a way for faculty, and graduate students who are researching data science, to share their insights. For example, an iSchool Ph.D. student, Niraj Sitaula, will talk on “Ethics in Data Science: Problems, Approaches, and the Future.”

“The iSchool faculty does a lot of research on data science in many different contexts,” shares Saltz. “This event provides an opportunity for the entire iSchool family, whether it’s current students, alumni, or even prospective students, to get an appreciation for the role of data science in our society and ask questions to faculty and students who are actively researching data science.”

Data Science Day will include in-person and virtual attendance options. Those interested in attending can reserve their spot with the registration link. Once registered, the iSchool will send additional details, and attendees can choose the talks they’d like to attend. In-person space will be limited, so sign up now to reserve a spot.