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Welcome to our most popular class.

Join us for a course that explores how technology is transforming the way we interact, shop, learn, work, vote and more.

Introducing IST195 – Information Technologies. One of the most popular courses on the Syracuse University campus.

Why is it so popular? Maybe it’s the topic. Information technologies are relevant to almost every major and minor. From communications to business, computer science to politics to education, and beyond, technology plays a central role. Or maybe it’s the professor. Jeff Rubin is the CEO of SIDEARM Sports, and brings a dynamic and cutting-edge approach to his virtual classroom. Maybe for you, it’s curiosity. What is a college course really like? Will you relate to your classmates? What’s the interaction between professors and students like? Will you feel comfortable and challenged?

Well, now you can find out for yourself. Join us live for any class this semester. This is the real class, with real Syracuse University students, so you’ll get a true sense of what being a student here will be like. Plus you’ll get to explore interesting topics that will apply to almost any major you go on to pursue. You can join for just one class, or pop in for as many as you like.

Register now, and you’ll immediately get the link to join on of the upcoming classes through the end of our semester. We look forward to having you!

Information Technologies – IST195 – Mondays and Wednesdays 10:35 – 11:30 AM EST until Nov. 17

Register today and we’ll send you the link to join any upcoming class!

Meet the Professor

Jeff Rubin is the founder and CEO of SIDEARM Sports and an associate professor of practice at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies. SIDEARM Sports works with over 900 college athletic programs across the United States and Canada, including Syracuse, Alabama, Wisconsin, UCLA, Texas, Illinois and many more. The company develops athletics websites and mobile apps, delivers live streaming of collegiate athletics, and integrates ticketing, statistics and digital marketing efforts. Rubin teaches over 200 students each semester in his course Information Technologies, which is popular across campus and gives students a general overview of the information age and the many different career paths they may pursue.

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