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Spring Break in Silicon Valley 2018 (SBinSV)

March 10, 2018, midnight - March 17, 2018, 11:59 a.m.

Location: Silicon Valley, California

The application for SBinSV 2018 is now closed.

Spring Break in Silicon Valley (SBinSV) is designed to give students a firsthand look at the companies, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, and their way of life (both personal and professional) in San Francisco and California’s Silicon Valley.

This program is open to students from all majors, all schools and colleges, and all degree programs.

Visits​ ​and​ ​Structure

SBinSV will focus on face-to-face interactions on site with representatives of incubators, start-up companies, and educational institutions like Stanford University. Previous SBinSV trips have included visits to LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Evernote, Tesla, Adobe, eBay, and Microsoft

Students typically visit between 20 and 25 companies over the course of the 5-day trip, and have a chance to interact with alumni and do a bit of sightseeing along the way. The exact makeup of the trip visits varies from year to year, and depends on input from participating students.

Application​ ​and​ ​Deadline

The application for SBinSV 2018 is now closed.

Costs,​ ​Credit,​ ​and​ ​Contact Information


$750 per student. All interested students should apply, regardless of their ability to pay. The iSchool will work to make this program accessible to all who want to attend.


This trip must be taken as a credit-bearing course (3 credits).


Please direct any questions to Julie Walas Huynh, Director of Alumni & Student Engagement at

Admission​ ​Information

Spring Break in Silicon Valley is a competitive program with limited space.

  • To be considered for admission, you should have, at the time of application, a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00 on a 4.00 scale.
  • In addition to GPA, we place a strong emphasis on your Experiential Learning statement, to be submitted as part of this application.
  • We are also asking for applicants to submit a short video describing what they envision as the ideal company or organization to visit on this trip. These details are all contained in the application.

Students who participate in this program are expected to not only represent themselves well, but also act as strong ambassadors for Syracuse University. In order for this opportunity to be made available to future students, current students must work to ensure that we are invited back to the companies who host us during this event.

Admissions decisions are based on a full review of the application file, including the transcript, resume, the Experiential Learning statement, short video, and any disciplinary records.

Once admitted to the program, you must remain a student in good standing (academic and judicial) to stay eligible to participate in this program.

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