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Brown Bag Seminar: Nancy Marksbury

Feb. 25, 2015, noon - Feb. 25, 2015, 2 p.m.

Location: Hinds Hall 347 - Katzer Room

Nancy Marksbury is an adjunct professor at St. Joseph’s College, and was formerly the Deputy CIO at Long Island University.

Her presentation is titled Computational Thinking and Digital Learning.

Abstract:  Futuristic predictions for jobs and workers suggest that automation will replace dozens of job types, rendering low-skilled employment nearly obsolete. The question for higher education now is how to train for skills that do not yet exist. Computational thinking is an explicit philosophy that recognizes computation as a discipline as indispensable as math, science and the humanities. Digital learning is one strategy for implementing computation across the liberal arts curriculum. The talk will review outcomes from funded educational programs, and present a thesis as to why Information Studies programs are well-poised to ensure the grand vision of computational thinking for all.

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