Qunfang Wu

Qunfang Wu Ph.D. Candidate 337 Hinds Hall qwu114@syr.edu Overview Qunfang is a third year [...]

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Ehsan Sabaghian

Ehsan Sabaghian Ph.D. Candidate 337 Hinds Hall 315.443.5509 esabaghi@syr.edu Overview I am a Ph.D. [...]

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Alexander Owen Smith

Alexander Owen Smith Ph.D. Student aosmith@syr.edu Overview Alexander is a third year Ph.D. student [...]

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Sucheta Lahiri

Sucheta Lahiri Ph.D. Student sulahiri@syr.edu Overview Sucheta is a first year Ph.D. student. Prior [...]

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Ruth V. Small

Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor Emerita

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Bei Yu

Professor | Program Director, Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology
320 Hinds Hall

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