Information Studies

The Fight for Personal Data

Sumeet Santani breaks down the tensions between private citizens and the government regarding access to personal data

The Fight for Personal Data2020-07-21T16:30:20+00:00

Skills for Success in Syracuse’s School District

Kate Abogado writes on the ways the Syracuse City School District is attempting to bolster its education, particularly in software and their Skills for Success program

Skills for Success in Syracuse’s School District2020-07-22T14:26:59+00:00

Wayfair Internship Offers a Change in Perspective

Radhika Bhange writes about of her internship with e-commerce company Wayfair and how it set her plans for the future.

Wayfair Internship Offers a Change in Perspective2023-01-26T21:15:23+00:00

Data Privacy: Demystifying The GDPR

Smirity Kaushik writes about the many changing privacy policies in major tech companies, and how the General Data Privacy Regulation contributes to these changes

Data Privacy: Demystifying The GDPR2020-07-22T16:24:43+00:00

What’s New With Wearable Technology?

Maddy Snyder writes about the advances in wearable technology, from smart watches to regular clothes

What’s New With Wearable Technology?2020-07-24T14:56:26+00:00