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MS in Library and Information Science Consumer Information

MSLIS Program Outcomes

Graduates of the iSchool MSLIS program: 

  1. Can apply the skills and attitudes of visioning, entrepreneurship, advocacy, planning and management to leadership in the information field.
  2. Can manage information resources and the information life-cycle through the processes of collection development, representation, organization, preservation, curation, access, and dissemination in accordance with physical, virtual, and technical infrastructure and needs.
  3. Can apply appropriate pedagogical and learning theory principles in the design, development, implementation, and assessment of library instruction and learning that contribute towards an information and technology literate society.
  4. Can design and employ policies essential for creating and providing information services and resources guided by the values of patron privacy, equitable access, intellectual freedom, and ethical use of information.
  5. Possess the skills to respect, engage and collaborate with a diverse community in order to advocate for and construct inclusive, meaningful, and participatory library services, programs and resources.
  6. Can perform and assess research based practices through the application of information literacy, inquiry, and research methods including data discovery, analytics and qualitative measures.

Successful Transfer of Credit into the MSLIS program

Graduate students in the iSchool may seek to transfer into their program of study up to six credits from another graduate institution.  For those credits to be considered,  it is required that they relate to the student’s program of study and be within 7 years of the student’s anticipated graduation from the MSLIS program.  It is our experience that few students transfer in credits, because of those requirements.  However, we encourage any prospective student, who is interested in this option, to talk with an admissions counselor about the process.

Graduation and Retention Data

Below is retention data from MSLIS students.  Data for seven years since matriculation is provided when available.  While the number of credits a matriculated student may take will vary throughout the student’s program, the charts below are based on the number of credits a student takes during the person’s first semester.  This is believed to be a reliable indication of whether the student is part-time (0-8 credits during the first semester) or full-time (9+ credits).  Syracuse University requires that students in a master’s program graduate within seven years after beginning the program.

View Graduation and Retention Data for Full-time and Part-time MSLIS Students (PDF)

MSLIS with School Media Specialization (MSLIS: SM) New York State Licensure Pass Rates

Data through April 2017

Teachers certified in New York State, who are seeking an MSLIS with School Media Specialization, do not have to take the Education All Students or Academic Literacy Skills Tests, or the edTPA.  Students who do not pass the test on their first try are able to retake the test until they receive a passing score or, if available, use the Safety Net provided by the New York State Education Department 

Students who do not pass the edTPA are able to use the Safety Net as implemented by the New York State Education Department.

Library Media Specialist Test


Educating All Students Test


Academic Literacy Skills Test

2017Test discontinued



*Safety Net requested

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