The iSchool’s latest vlog features Information Management and Technology Students Calvin Brewster ’19  and Julia Fontana ’19. Calvin and Julia take you on a typical day in their Syracuse lifestyle from what buildings they typically visit to fun facts and trivia about Syracuse University. Here’s a quick recap about their video.

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Hinds Hall

Calvin and Julia’s adventure starts with them introducing Hinds Hall. Hinds Hall is on the main Syracuse University Quad (Shaw Quadrangle, to be specific), and is home to the iSchool and where many iSchool classes take place. Hinds Hall was originally an engineering school building. After renovations in 2003, Hinds Hall became home to the iSchool.

Meet Stephanie Worden, the iSchool’s Undergraduate Recruiter!

Calvin and Julia go to visit Stephanie Worden in Hinds Hall. Worden serves as the iSchool’s Recruitment Specialist, and is also one of the staff advisors to the Peer Advisors. Worden focuses on undergraduate recruitment, so you can talk to her about applying to the iSchool’s IM&T program. Feel free to stop by her office or email her to schedule a visit!

Carnegie Library

Julia stops outside of Carnegie Library, which is located across the quad from Hinds Hall. Established in 1905, Carnegie Library is the second largest library on campus (Bird Library is the largest). If you want to learn more about Carnegie Library, you should read Adrienne’s post about Carnegie Library from National Library Week!

Kissing Bench

The infamous kissing bench at SU was placed outside of the Hall of Languages in 1912. According to an article published by the Daily Orange: “If you kiss your significant other on the bench, you’ll marry and live together, happily ever after in a fairytale ending. There is a catch – if you sit on the bench alone, you will supposedly be alone for the rest of your life.”

Calvin Nominates the Hall of Languages for “Prettiest Building”*

The Hall of Languages, probably the most iconic academic building on SU’s campus, ends the tour. The offices of the College of Arts and Sciences are located here in this beautiful stone building. You will more than likely have a class here over the course of four years – especially an English class!

*Not an actual award.