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Syracuse iSchool creates new scholarly journal, Advances in Research on Information and Technology

The School of Information Studies (iSchool) announces the development of the new scholarly journal, Advances in Research on Information and Technology. Conceived by Professors Paul Gandel and Jeff Stanton, the journal seeks to inform professionals who manage information in companies, libraries, government, education, or non-profit organizations on the rapid development of technology in their field. Associate Professor Jian Qin was appointed as the senior editor for a two-year term. The journal is set to launch in the summer/fall of 2009. 

ARIT will provide a concentrated dose of critical updates for busy professionals who must access the latest and most important findings in the information field,” says Stanton, Associate Dean for Research and Doctoral Programs. 

The journal is published internationally in electronic and paper formats by the Academy of Asian Scholars. The publisher is exploring a unique sale royalty model, in which authors will be paid for each published paper, based on print circulation, library and institutional subscriptions, and individual electronic article downloads. 

Advances in Research on Information and Technology will deliver content to laptops, mobile devices, and book readers in multiple languages, almost immediately after the manuscript is finalized. The publication will also be available in paper and electronic form by subscription to libraries, institutions, and other organizations. 

“We hope the new model of compensation for contributors coupled with the new delivery platform in multi-languages will be two incentives for authors to contribute manuscripts to ARIT,” Qin says. 

The journal offers a new publication venue dedicated solely to work reflecting the concept of “integration.” Papers published in Advances in Research on Information and Technology will assemble, analyze, and synthesize primary research papers across the information disciplines, including library and information science, information systems, information policy, and related, newly emerging areas. 

The journal targets readers who are advanced information professionals, as well as the scholarly community, and seeks to keep readers current to the most timely and resonant themes in information and technology research.

The standard issue will cover a range of topics targeted towards the advanced information professional. Some special volumes will be themed. Contributors may also propose to guest-edit a themed volume, thoroughly defining the theme proposed, and providing a list of relevant authors and individual article topics, to broadly reflect the given theme. 

Presently, the journal is soliciting submissions for the ongoing series, scheduled to launch with its inaugural issue in July 2009. The deadline for manuscript submission for the inaugural paper series is February 28, 2009. Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis, and should be made in electronic format. Please provide the full article, and include an abstract of approximately 500 words. 

For further instructions regarding format and submissions, please visit:

For questions and inquiries about manuscript topics and submission, or to propose a themed issue, please contact Rebecca Reynolds at  

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