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School of Information Studies 2nd Annual Multicultural Week

The School of Information Studies will be holding its 2nd Annual Multicultural Week from Monday, April 12, 2004 to Friday, April 16, 2004. The purpose of the event is to highlight, celebrate, and affirm diversity throughout the School, while challenging administrators, faculty, and students to create a family of one by taking an active role in fostering a pluralistic community.

The Multicultural Week schedule is as follows:

Monday, April 12
Opening address will be delivered by Dean Ray von Dran in the Brodsky-Breier Digital Learning Center in CST 4-201, followed by a catered reception in 1-218.

Tuesday, April 13
Poster Unveiling on 4th Floor Center for Science and Technology

Wednesday, April 14
Keynote Speaker, Barrie Gewanter, Executive Director for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), will deliver the keynote address in the Brodsky-Breier Digital Learning Center (CST 4-201), followed by catered reception RTBD.

As the Director of the CNY Chapter of the New York Liberties Union, Barrie Gewanter is the local spokesperson and contact point for the ACLU in the Central New York Area. Ms. Gewanter has been actively involved with the ACLU for 7 years. She served as the Director of the CNY Chapter from 1996 to 1999, and enthusiastically returned to this position in December 2002.

Ms. Gewanter describes herself as "a professional who is committed to working for equality, civil liberties, and social justice," however her professional training and experience are very varied. She holds a B.F.A. in Theatrical Stage Management from Webster University in St. Louis, Mo. and worked for several years in backstage roles as a carpenter and electrician in the professional theatre. She holds a Master's Degree in Sociology from Washington University in St. Louis and spent several years teaching college level courses in Sociology and Women's Studies. She also spent several years tutoring members of the Syracuse University Football Team. In the course of managing a local non-profit organization she also wrote and managed state and federal grants, worked closely with labor unions, organized conferences, outreach and fund-raising events, and provided training, information, and referral for workers throughout Central New York in workplace safety, OSHA regulations, and Workers Compensation.

As a community activist, Ms. Gewanter has worked on issues of women's rights, gay and lesbian rights, workplace health and safety, solidarity with workers and unions, economic justice, civil rights and civil liberties. She is particularly proud of her ongoing work with the ACLU including the recent passage of a Bill of Rights Preservation Resolution in the Syracuse Common Council, her role in the implementation of same-sex domestic partner benefits at Syracuse University, and her work on the Syracuse Living Wage Campaign and proposed local ordinance.

In 2003, her work on the Living Wage Campaign and other social justice issues led the Human Rights Commission of Syracuse and Onondaga County to give her an award for her individual contributions to human rights.

In her current work with the NY Civil Liberties Union, Ms. Gewanter also coordinates the CNY Bill of Rights Defense Campaign, and its efforts to educate and mobilize the community to oppose the Patriot Act and other federal government actions that have eroded our civil liberties.

Thursday, April 15
Potluck Luncheon sponsored by ISTGO CST Room 3-216

Friday, April 12
Panel Discussion
CST 3-216 Snacks and soft drinks will be provided.

You are invited to be part of a new tradition at the School of Information Studies by attending and participating in the 2nd Annual Multicultural Week. Only with active participation from students, faculty, and staff can Multicultural Week be successful in achieving its goals of promoting cultural awareness and diversity within the School of Information Studies. Only by fostering strategies that nurture our diverse community can we succeed in being a Family of One at IST.

More details are soon to follow, but mark your calendars now!

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