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Prof. Park Wins NRC/AFOSR Grant for "Trusted Military Message Systems"

Joon Park wins the National Research Council (NRC) / US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) award in Summer Faculty Fellowship Program (SFFP) for his "Trusted Military Message Systems" research.

Project Goal: To provide fine-grained, scalable, and interoperable security services to military message systems.

Military services handle secure and sensitive information. The military needs to send and receive information and messages of various sensitivity levels securely. The security of a message system in a military organization affects the strength of the tactical power. Therefore, a military message system (MMS) must be running in a trusted manner. To have an MMS behave in a trusted manner, it needs to protect the information against any type of compromise whether it is unauthorized disclosure, modification, or denial-of-service. The requirements for this type of multilevel security (MLS) become more complex if fined-grained security services, scalability, and interoperability are needed. In this proposed project, we will satisfy those requirements with a novel approach by extending metadata technologies with cryptography and key hierarchy.

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