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Ph.D. Student Kevin Dames Receives a Distinguished Research Fellowship

Kevin Dames was named a research fellow of the Institute for the Study of the Judiciary, Politics and the Media (IJPM) at Syracuse University for the 2008-09 academic year. The fellows focus on interdisciplinary, law-oriented research supported and receive funding from the institute, which id dedicated to the study of issues at the intersection of law, politics and the media.


Dames, a Ph.D. student in the School of Information Studies, will analyze the transformation of the word “piracy.” He will argue that the word’s transformation to a proxy for infringement is the result of an ongoing, decades-long, politically oriented frame. He will also examine the historical and contemporary meanings of “piracy” in the United States and the term’s effect on U.S. copyright policy.


Dames, a 2001 graduate of the M.S. in library and information science program, was one of nine people selected for the fellowship this year. All fellowship recipients will present their work during a colloquia series during the fall and spring semesters next year. Applicants for the research fellow positions each submitted research proposals that examine issues at the intersection of law, politics and the media. Only full-time faculty and full-time graduate students at SU are eligible to apply for the research awards.


“The latest class of research fellows demonstrates that the interdisciplinary study of law, politics and the media is thriving at SU. We are pleased to play a role in fostering and promoting this work,” says Keith Bybee, director of IJPM, associate professor of law and political science, and Michael O. Sawyer Chair of Constitutional Law and Politics at the Maxwell School.


In addition to the symposia, the institute also sponsors lectures and conferences designed to foster discussion and debate among legal scholars, sitting judges, and working journalists.


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