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Introducing the IM&T Interdisciplinary Fellowship!

New Ph.D. Fellowship Focuses on Interdisciplinary Research

The School of Information Studies at Syracuse University  is pleased to announce the establishment of the IM&T Interdisciplinary Fellowship. IM&T Interdisciplinary Fellowships are available for Ph.D .applicants interested in pursuing interdisciplinary research within the areas of information, management and technology are urged to apply for an IM&T Interdisciplinary Fellowship. Students who exhibit an exemplary academic record and the dedication to such interdisciplinary research are selected for the Fellowship. The IM&T Interdisciplinary Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for fellows to participate in study and research with world-renowned scholars and other IM&T Ph.D .Fellows within the university.

Prospective Ph.D. students who want to learn more about the IM&T Interdisciplinary Fellowship may do so by going to the Fellowship's website for more information, or to submit an application.


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