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Despite failing economy, iSchool grads' career outlook is strong

While most industries are suffering from job lost, the IT PROFESSION ADDED JOBS in information systems design and IT management and consulting services.**

These are the jobs that SCHOOL OF INFORMATION STUDIES (iSchool) graduates fill every year. That’s why the iSchool has the HIGHEST reported starting SALARIES among all SU undergraduates and a nearly 100 PERCENT PLACEMENT RATE.

     *  iSchool students acquire the skills that employers call on before they make critical decisions regarding their global business strategies. In these uncertain economic times, knowledge of information systems is more important now than ever. 

     *  iSchool students gain a fundamental understanding of the technology needed to run a company efficiently and effectively, and they develop the management know-how to communicate that to leadership with an organization. 

     *  iSchool students are innovative and entrepreneurial, providing employers with new cost-saving and streamlining ideas. 

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