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Center for Digital Literacy Launches E*LIT


Syracuse University's Center for Digital Literacy (CDL) announces an exciting project entitled, E*LIT (Enriching Literacy through Information Technology). CDL has invited Charles R. Smith, Jr., a children's author, to Syracuse University on May 28, 2004 to speak to students and the community about the urban experience and how it has impacted his work. We are asking local library media specialists, in collaboration with classroom teachers, to work with students to complete and submit a project that is related to Charles R. Smith's work, AND involves technology in some capacity. For example, a class may put together a PowerPoint presentation about Charles R. Smith, Jr. Or they might use a camera to take pictures that would "illustrate" one of his poems.

The group that wins will be invited to come to hear Charles' talk AND THEY WILL WIN AN APPLE COMPUTER FOR THEIR SCHOOL'S LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER!!! All participating groups will be invited to tune into a webcast of Charles R. Smith's talk, as Apple will be video streaming the event. All participants will also receive an autographed book by the author.

For further information, please visit our website: Or, contact Flannery Shaughnessy or Colleen Tierney

Syracuse University's Center for Digital Literacy gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the E*LIT program by the John Ben Snow Foundation, the Central New York Community Foundation, and Apple Computer.

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