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Cancelled: Brown Bag on March 25th...

We regret to announce that the Brown Bag Session with Philip Davis on March 25th has been cancelled.  We hope to reschedule the session some time in the future.
Program:  Who's to blame for article duplication?
Speaker:  Philip Davis, Cornell University
Date & Time:  12 Noon 1:30 p.m. March 25, 2005
Venue: Center for Science & Technology,  4-212 Conference Room
The recent discovery of systematic and covert article duplication in Emerald/MCB University Press journals has caused controversy in both academic and publishing circles.  Libraries may have collectively spent hundreds of millions of dollars of the academy's money in purchasing content that they believed was original.  Multiple copies of scholarly articles disrupt the record of publication and confuse author citations.  Editors and their boards, claiming ignorance of duplication in their own journals, question whether peer review and editorial control even took place. We may have just witnessed the very worst of academic publishing a scenario in which commercial interests have outweighed editorial integrity and independence.  At a time when academics have expressed great fears that commercial publishers are exploiting the scholarly publishing process, it is far too easy to level blame entirely on Emerald without considering our own actions. Publishing does not exist without authors, reviewers, editors, editorial boards, and librarians; it operates with the support, participation and consent of the academic community.
This talk will summarize the findings and question our own role in the scholarly publication process.  Are we really practicing what we teach?
1. see The Ethics of Republishing: A Case Study of Emerald/MCB University Press Journals, Library Resources & Technical Services 49, 2 (Spring 2005): In press. AND Article duplication in Emerald/MCB journals is more extensive than first reported: Possible conflicts of financial and functional interests are uncovered, Library Resources & Technical Services 49, 4 (Summer 2005): In press.  Both available online,
Philip Davis is a Life Sciences Librarian at Cornell University.  He is responsible for selecting books and journals, as well as licensing electronic journals and databases.  He serves on the executive board of Project COUNTER, an international committee charged with standardizing the way electronic usage is counted.  He also serves on the editorial board of the library journal, Portal; is a reviewer for College & Research Libraries; and recently served as a member of the library advisory board of the New England Journal of Medicine.  Some of his recent work can be found at:
Refreshments will be served.

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