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Attention iSchool undergrads: Vote for your favorite professors

The Syracuse iSchool seeks nominations for its annual professor of the year awards. All undergraduates are encouraged to nominate your favorite professor for one of two awards given out the iSchool’s Commencement on May 9. 

   • Cast one vote for: Jeffrey Katzer Professor of the Year Award - a full-time Professor.
   • Cast one vote for: Adjunct Professor of the Year Award - a part-time professor.

Send the names and a short (two to three sentences) statement of what makes them a great professor and why you think they should receive the award to by Wednesday, March 25

The Faculty of the Year awards are selected by graduate and undergraduate students in alternating years. This year’s winners will be selected by undergraduates.

To see a complete list of full-time and part-time faculty, go to  

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