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4/15 Brown Bag: Impact of Schedule and Budget Pressure...

School of Information Studies Brown Bag
Friday, April 15 , 12 noon 1:30 p.m.
VENUE: Center for Science and Technology, Room 4-212
Donald E. Harter, Whitman School of Management
(Work done with Ning Nan & Tara Thomas, University of Michigan)
Timely and cost-effectively software development has been a major issue in both information systems (IS) research and the software industry.  While researchers and practitioners seek better techniques to estimate and manage software schedule and budget, it is important to understand the impact of management pressure on software development projects.  Based on related behavioral theories, this paper develops research models to predict the relationship between schedule and budget pressure and software development outcomes.   The research models are empirically tested by data from a $25 billion/year international IT (information technology) firm.  We find that a
U-shaped function exists between pressure and cycle time.  A similar relationship is seen between pressure and development effort.  Budget pressure has a significant impact on software quality, whereas schedule pressure does not significantly affect software quality.  The findings of this study will help software project managers develop effective budget and deadline setting policies.
Don Harter joined the Syracuse University Whitman School of Management in the fall of 2003. Professor Harter teaches undergraduate, MBA and doctoral courses in information systems.
Professor Harter's research has focused on process improvement and process maturity of companies in the software engineering industry. He has published papers on the effect of process improvement on software quality, cost, time to deliver, and support activities in Management Science, Communications of the ACM, and IEEE Engineering Management. His research has also extended to the behavioral side of information systems, publishing in Information Systems Research (ISR).
Prior to joining Syracuse University, Professor Harter was an assistant professor of computer and information systems at the University of Michigan Business School, teaching MBA courses in information systems and electronic commerce. Before his academic career, Professor Harter was the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Information Systems at BDM International (now the information technology division of TRW/NorthropGrumman).  He was responsible for information systems development, computer data center installation, telecommunications, aircraft software and electronics.
Don received a B.S. in mathematics and M.S. in statistics from Michigan State University; an MBA from Ohio University; an M.S. and Ph.D. in information systems at Carnegie Mellon University.
Contact Information:
Whitman School of Management
Syracuse, New York 13244 Phone:  (315) 443-3502 Fax:  (315) 443-5457 E-mail:

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