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Donor List - 2017-2018

Thanks to all of our donors who support Syracuse University, and especially to the following whose gifts directly benefited the School of Information Studies. This list reflects gifts from individual donors designated for the iSchool received between July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018


Names denoted with an asterisk (*) have made gifts to the iSchool for each of the last 5 to 9 years ending June 30, 2018, with a plus sign (+) 10 to 19 years, and with a carat (^) 20 or more years.

$25,000 or more

Mrs. Alice H. Rosen '83 and Mr. Bruce A. Rosen C.P.A. '83 *

Mr. David H. Rosen '11, G'12 *

$10,000 - $24,999

Mr. Sam Clarvit '10 *

Mrs. Jennifer L. Hall and Mr. Jim M. Hall

Dr. Matthew B. Koll Ph.D.'79 and Ms. Pamela M. Fessler G'80 +

Dr. Elizabeth D. Liddy G'77, Ph.D.'88 +

Dr. Gisela von Dran +

Mr. Graham W. Warner '02, G'13 and Ms. Sarah Tobey

Mr. Jerry C. Watson and Mrs. Judith Z. Watson

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. James R. Carrick G'98 and Mrs. Margaret T. Carrick

Mrs. Jean R. Conrad G'72 and Mr. James G. Conrad, Jr. ^

Mr. Craig B. Cornelius '88 and Mrs. Rebecca C. Cornelius '88 +

Mr. Jay M. Goffman and Mrs. Susan Goffman

Ms. Cindy B. Kellman and Mr. Franklin S. Kellman

Mr. Steven L. Kessel '80 and Mrs. Stephanie J. Kessel

Mr. Bence W. Oliver '95

Ms. Christine L. Parker G'93 and Mr. Peter Krane *

Mark M. Pollitt Ph.D. G'02 and Ms. Jane B. Pollitt *

Mrs. Janet Robusto

Mr. Jonathan L. Wright '97 and Mrs. Angela R. Wright '98 *

$2,000 - $4,999

Mr. Reginald J. Acloque '99 and Mrs. Demetria L. Acloque

Ms. Beth O. Cofsky '85

Mr. Barry C. Friedeman and Mrs. Robin L. Friedeman

Col. Michael C. Harasimowicz Ret. '89 and Mrs. Allyson L. Avert-Harasimowicz

Mr. Aditya V. Kudumala G'00 and Mrs. Margaret Kudumala

Mrs. Linda J. Levitt and Dr. Robert E. Levitt

Mr. Michael L. Librizzi '05 and Dr. Marissa Berman *

Mrs. Ann M. Mathewson '65, G'66 and Mr. George A. Mathewson

Mr. Louis A. Mautino '61, G'62 and Mrs. Patricia H. Mautino '64, G'66 *

Mr. Darren E. Orzechowski '90 and Mrs. Allison B. Orzechowski

Mr. Gregory R. Raimann and Mrs. Monica Raimann

Ms. Sandra N. Reid G'98, L'98

Mrs. Kimberly C. Rose G'99

Mr. Arie Shapira '03

Mr. Christopher C. Smith '97 and Mrs. Eleanor W. Smith *

Mrs. Charlotte M. Sweeny '89 and Mr. Douglas M. Sweeny, Jr. '90

Mrs. Lynn C. Valenti G'64 ^

Mr. Subhash G. Verghese G'01

$1,000 - $1,999

Ms. Judith A. Adams-Volpe G'74

Mr. William M. Aubin

Mrs. Darline L. Carter-Aubin G'60

Mr. Eugene C. Delsener '76, G'78 and Mrs. Brenda A. Delsener +

Mrs. Jill J. Dratch '91, G'93 and Mr. Douglas J. Dratch

Ms. Betsy J. Erickson-Nemy and Mr. Jeffery B. Nemy

Mrs. Jean D. Greenblatt and Mr. Lewis B. Greenblatt

Mr. Hank Greenwald '57 and Mrs. Carla R. Greenwald *

Mr. Walter J. Hosey G'05 +

Mr. Theodore S. Huang +

Ms. Maureen Huntley-Sheahen and Mr. Paul P. Sheahen

Mr. Max E. Kaplan '15

Ms. Christine E. Larsen G'84 and Mr. Vincent Dopulos

Ms. Elayne P. Leonelli '66, G'67 *

Friends of Mr. Adam R. Levitt

Mrs. Sandy Z. Levitt '07

Mr. D. Carl Lustig III '75 and Mrs. Debra S. Lustig '76

Mr. Edward C. Magee '70, G'72

Miss Martha S. Maier G'73, G'82

Ms. Jacquelyn A. McCoy '71, G'72 +

Ms. Krista C. McNish '03 and Mr. Ian McNish *

Mr. Peter S. Moon '77, G'80 and Mrs. Mary G. Moon G'78

Mrs. Rhonda L. Nelson and Mr. Robert M. Nelson

Mr. Peter A. Nigro '93 and Mrs. Elaine Nigro *

Mr. Matthew R. Ostman '16

Mrs. Anne D. Plyler and Mr. Robert W. Plyler

Ms. Judith Ribbler '68, G'69 *

Mr. Scott Rubens

Mrs. Kathryn H. Ruscitto G'92 and Mr. Daniel R. Ruscitto

Ms. Elizabeth A. Ruscitto '07, G'12

Mr. Alan Shaffran and Mrs. Bari Shaffran

Mr. Ronald Shettler '96 and Mrs. Amy Shettler

Mr. Gerald B. Varani and Mrs. Teresa A. Varani +

Ms. Rachel A. Williams '04

Mrs. Eileen B. Zeger and Dr. Steven A. Zeger

$500 - $999

Mr. William D. Alexander G'66

Mr. Robert R. Atkins and Mrs. Barbara S. Atkins

Mrs. Kathleen C. Bannan '94 and Mr. Thomas A. Bannan, Jr.

Mrs. Michele J. Barrett G'92 and Mr. Scott A. Barrett *

Susie Jo Birenbaum and Mr. Robert Lustig

Mr. Michael R. Brown '94 +

Mr. Shawn M. Dahlen '02, G'04 and Mrs. Alexandra C. Dahlen '04

Ms. Audrey Dorfman

Dr. Philip Doty G'88, Ph.D.'95 and Ms. Mikail M. McIntosh

Mr. John N. Eddey '03 and Mrs. Rachel Eddey

Mrs. Erin Friday and Mr. J. Eric Friday

Mr. Walter H. Garner, Sr. '50, G'52 *

Dr. Jean A. Ginevan and Dr. Michael E. Ginevan +

Ms. Elizabeth P. Gordon G'96

Mrs. Dorothy A. Gregory G'69 ^

Mr. William J. Kievit '09

Mrs. Junghee Lee and Mr. Taeho Lee

Mrs. Mary S. Locsin G'58

Mrs. Allyson J. Mandelbaum '03 and Mr. Bryan J. Mandelbaum '04

Mr. Endri Mataj G'10 and Ms. Lorjana Mataj

Mr. A. Robert Menanteaux G'78 and Ms. Lorraine Ricigliano

Mr. Matthew J. Miller '03 and Ms. Lucy A. Cherkasets-Miller

Mr. Menotti E. Minutillo, Jr. '07

Miss Helen M. Mullen G'53 +

Michael Mushaty

Mr. W. Michael Nailor G'02 *

Ms. Judith B. Oliver G'03

Mr. Jeffrey H. Rubin '95, G'98 and Mrs. Jennifer L. Rubin G'02

Mr. Steven E. Rubin and Mrs. Ellen Rubin

Mr. Milton L. Scott and Mrs. Yava D. Scott

Ms. Barbara A. Settel G'76 *

Mr. Devang A. Shah G'98 and Mrs. Kavita Shah *

Mr. Robert C. Sickles G'66

Mr. Douglas B. Spitzer '03 and Dr. Yelena Spitzer

Mr. Joseph T. Trino '70 and Ms. Mary C. Trino *

Ms. Yahui P. Tsai G'92

Ms. Jeanne M. Westervelt and Mr. Mark E. Westervelt

Mr. Thomas M. Whitehead G'65

Ms. Linda P. Woodwell

$250 - $499

Mr. Paul T. Adalian, Jr. G'71 and Ms. Rosemary Adalian

Mrs. Emily F. Bauer '04 and Mr. Gregory R. Bauer '04

Mr. Thomas L. Cassada G'95

Ms. Tracy H. Condon G'86

Miss Evelyn M. Davis '55, G'67 *

Mr. Marshall M. DeBerry G'98

Mr. Gary Diamond and Mrs. Arlene Diamond

Dr. Gary E. Eddey

Ms. Kathryn B. Elliott G'91 and Mr. C. Michael Elliott

Mr. Brian J. Fahey '02 and Ms. Kristina E. Wollenberg '03

Mr. Andrew M. Farah '09, G'11 and Mrs. Dori O. Farah

Mrs. Vera A. Farrell G'84 +

Mr. Bruce A. Gorsky and Mrs. Teri M. Gorsky

Mr. Alan R. Gregory G'73, G'79 *

Mr. John S. Henke G'07 +

Mrs. Doreen M. Henson '05 and Mr. Patrick W. Henson *

Mr. Charles M. Herrold, Jr. G'82 +

Mr. Lee Hoffman

Mr. Donald M. Hunt '60 *

Mr. Michael J. Huxtable G'81

Mr. Joseph P. Kane G'63 +

Mrs. Abby Kasowitz-Scheer G'96, G'98 and Mr. Jeffrey Scheer

Mr. Richard Katz and Ms. Peggy Rogers

Mr. John D. Liddy G'03

Dr. Donald A. Marchand and Mrs. Joyce P. Marchand *

Dr. Karen Markey G'77, Ph.D.'81 ^

Dr. Janet W. Marsden G'98, G'07, Ph.D.'15

Mr. Mark Mattucci G'76 and Ms. Judith A. Furash

Ms. Abigail S. McNeal and Mr. John Harris

Mr. Robert B. Meeker G'78

Ms. Susan W. Mount G'79

Ms. Jessica W. Murray G'13 and Mr. Christopher Murray *

Mrs. Elyse L. Mussman '85 and Mr. Steven Mussman

Mr. David M. Mwanzia '15

Dr. Laurie E. Osborne G'82, Ph.D.'86 and Mr. John C. Beichman G'86

Mrs. Carol D. Radden G'92 and Rev. Ronald H. Radden

Mrs. Janet S. Rao G'82 and Mr. Mentreddi A. Rao *

Ms. Jamie Rash

Mrs. Gretchen G. Roberts G'75 and Dr. William H. Roberts ^

Ms. Therese E. Robertson G'06

Ms. Bernice L. Rocque G'75 and Mr. Christopher G. Rocque

Mrs. Louise R. Schaper G'82, G'84 and Mr. Leonard W. Schaper, Jr.

Mr. James F. Sherman and Mrs. Martha J. Sherman

Ms. Alana M. Smith '08

Ms. Bonnie L. Storm G'80 and Dr. Richard H. Veith Ph.D.'80 *

Dr. Karla L. Strieb G'90 and Mr. Saul Strieb +

Dr. Heshan Sun G'05, Ph.D.'07 and Ms. Xue Xiao G'06

Dr. Bozidar V. Travica Ph.D.'95

$1 - $249

Ms. Amanda E. Abbott '12

Ms. Kisook P. Abdali G'97

Ms. Courtney L. Abrams '18

Ms. Sara G. Adam '18

Mr. Andrew J. Ades '16

Mr. Alfred G. Adler

Mr. Mark Albert

Mr. Gerald A. Albrigo '99

Mrs. Dian G. Alder G'91 and Mr. Francis J. Adler *

Ms. Melody A. Allan '15 and Mr. Andrew C. Pregler '15

Mr. Henry W. Allen '60 and Mrs. Eileen E. Allen G'90

Ms. Kathryn A. Allen G'05

Mr. Terrance W. Andersen '15, G'16, G'17

Mr. Jason G. Anderson G'12

Ms. Trudi J. Antoine G'16

Mr. Joseph A. Arnone '66 and Dr. Marilyn Arnone Ph.D.'92 *

Mrs. Vera Aronoff G'89 and Mr. Leonard Aronoff

Prof. Bahram A. Attaie and Mrs. Linda M. Attaie

Mr. Kyaw M. Aung and Ms. Tin M. Ma

Mr. Elvis Avdic '11, G'18

Mr. Waldo C. Babcock G'93

Ms. Jaclyn C. Badger '15

Mr. Norman E. Bagley IV G'94 and Dr. Erin M. Bagley G'11

Ms. Ann M. Bailey and Dr. Mark Harrison

Ms. Lisa M. Baker G'11

Ms. Melissa P. Balsamo and Dr. Vincent Balsamo

Ms. Sandra S. Bargainnier and Mr. Steven B. Sawyer

Ms. Holly Barnet-Sanchez G'72 and Mr. David H. Foster

Mrs. Marion H. Bartell G'87 and Mr. Gary L. Bartell

Mr. David S. Bassanelli G'71

Mr. Tyus A. Battle

Ms. Melinda J. Baumann G'92 and Ms. Marjorie Garmey *

Mr. Alexander F. Beattie G'64 +

Ms. Sandra E. Belanger G'74 +

Mr. David R. Bell G'05 and Mrs. Amanda M. Bell

Mrs. Julie A. Bellezza '07

Mrs. Kathleen Benjamin and Mr. Dewitt A. Benjamin

Ms. Blythe A. Bennett G'94 *

Ms. Lindsay E. Bergman '08

Ms. Barbara Berlin

Mr. Mark Berman G'07 and Ms. Nurit B. Berman

Mr. Ramon Berrocal-Lopez G'69

Dr. Christopher Bersani and Mrs. Cynthia F. Bersani

Ms. Amy Besnoy G'02

Ms. Roberta F. Bills G'71 ^

Mrs. Ginger R. Blake '00 and Mr. Paul A. Blake G'00

Mrs. Lynda Blake and Mr. Martin Blake

Ms. Sarah E. Blanchard '18

Mr. Stephen C. Block G'95 and Mr. Glenn Armstrong

Ms. Courtney S. Blum '03

Mrs. Cindy Bodker and Dr. Fred S. Bodker

Mrs. Barbara A. Bollinger G'67 +

Mr. Adam Brodstein '18

Mr. Daniel J. Brody

Mrs. Jennifer C. Bromley G'11

Dr. Tyson T. Brooks, Sr. G'11, G'13

Mrs. Lynn C. Brown G'85

Dr. Ian R. Bruce Ph.D.'99 and Dr. Mary E. McKenna Ph.D.'08

Mr. Joseph Bullie and Mrs. Renee Etheridge-Bullie

Mr. John Burke '12

Mrs. Rosa E. Bush G'63

Dr. Dorothy F. Byers G'73, Ph.D.'76 and Mr. Harold Byers +

Mrs. Louise B. Caccamise G'67

Mr. Carlos Caicedo

Ms. Keila Calix '18

Jennifer C. Cannell Ed.D. G'98

Mr. Forrest K. Carpender '18

Mr. Sean H. Carr '18

Ms. Patricia A. Carroll G'04

Ms. Polly J. Case-Codner G'03

Ms. Lindsay S. Casel '17

Ms. Zohura Choudhury '18

Mr. Bryce N. Clark '18

Mrs. Barbara L. Coger G'74 *

Ms. Arlene R. Cohen

Mr. Rafael A. Colon '15

Ms. Kathryn M. Colon '13

Ms. Allison J. Colson G'10 and Mr. Shay Colson G'10

Ms. B. Anne Commerton G'58

Ms. Julie R. Conklin G'96

Ms. Anne M. Conner G'97

Mrs. Joyce H. Cook G'82 +

Mr. Leonard D. Cool G'75

Mrs. Elaine M. Coppola G'79, G'89 and Mr. Joseph A. Coppola G'90

Ms. Susan B. Corieri G'01 and Mr. Roy Corieri

Ms. Ada S. Cornell G'09

Mr. Alexander Corsello

Mrs. Alice F. Corwin '48

Mr. Zackary D. Couch '18

Mrs. Carol A. Crabb G'68

Mr. Joseph P. Creighton '15, G'18

Ms. Jaime L. Creighton '18

Mrs. Lorraine M. Crocker G'68

Ms. Mecealus I. Cronkrite G'11 and Mr. Perry A. Cronkrite

Prof. Kevin G. Crowston and Ms. Marie Williams

Mr. Braden Croy and Ms. Glenna Croy

Ms. Inger M. Curth G'95

Ms. Alexandra D. Curtis '14

Mrs. Allison W. Davis '00 and Mr. Seth A. Davis '00

Mr. Taylor Davis-Van Atta G'17

Mr. F. Lawrence Dawson G'66

Mr. Jason Dedrick

Mr. Eugene P. Degitz G'73

Ms. Carol A. DeLong G'65

Ms. Beverly J. Denninger G'77

Mrs. Elyse E. Deutsch '71 and Mr. David L. Deutsch *

Ms. Julie A. Deutsch '13

Dr. Anne R. Diekema G'95, Ph.D.'03

Ms. Sharon M. DiFusco '09, G'13, G'15

Mrs. Erin G. Dinneen G'86

Mr. Samuel S. Disston '11, G'12 and Ms. Marlei-Krizelle B. Martinez '11 *

Mr. David H. Doerrer '65, G'66 and Mrs. Dorothy U. Doerrer G'64

Mrs. Louise Doll and Mr. Richard C. Doll

Ms. Melanie M. Domanico

Ms. Hannah J. Dorfman '13

Mr. Devin M. Downs '02

Ms. Margreta Drexler G'72, G'81 *

Mrs. Allison K. Earl G'12 and Mr. James F. Earl

Mrs. Ilene N. Eddey

Ms. Nicole C. Ehrhart

Mr. John C. Elliott G'74 ^

Ms. Lois Elmore

Ms. Janet Epstein

Ms. Lora Epstein

Dr. Sanda Erdelez Ph.D.'95

Mr. Dan Ettinger

Ms. Christina P. Evola G'13 *

Mr. Andrew P. Ewanitz III '85, G'17

Mr. Scott M. Faller '03

Ms. Penny L. Feeney G'13

Mrs. Alexandra C. Fenech '95 and Mr. Michael A. Fenech '95

Mr. Kyle J. Fenton '15

Mr. Robert I. Fink '14

Mrs. Dina O. Fink and Mr. Michael F. Fink

Ms. Amy R. Fink '16

Mr. Gus A. Fish '16

Mr. Bradley A. Fishman '07 and Mrs. Rachel G. Fishman '07

Ms. Martine M. Fiske G'98

Ms. Patricia A. FitzGerald '71, G'75 and Mr. Gregory J. Dobrich

Mr. Sean Flannery '17

Mr. Michael J. Florio '17

Mrs. Suzanne F. Ford-Goldhagen G'68

Ms. Alissa R. Frank-Bartal '04

Ms. Patience A. Frederiksen G'86

Ms. Lyndsey A. Fridie '15

Mr. Nicholas C. Friedman '02 *

Dr. Hongchun Fu and Dr. Jian Qin

Mr. Ken Fuller G'96 and Ms. Xinrong Yao

Mrs. Ruth V. Fuller G'72

Ms. Margaret A. Fulton G'72 *

Martha Garcia-Murillo Ph.D. G'12 and Dr. Ian P. MacInnes

Mr. Jim A. Gazda G'97 +

Mrs. Carol A. Gearhart G'67 and Mr. James V. Gearhart +

Mr. Thomas J. Gearty, Jr. G'76 +

Ms. Natalie Geary '18

Ms. Dayna L. Gelman '18

Mr. Anthony C. Gholz, Jr. '71, '72, G'72 and Mrs. Mary Gholz G'71 +

Mr. Joseph S. Giarrusso '11

Mr. Sean M. Ginevan '04, G'08

Mrs. Donna Glassberg

Mr. John C. Glaviano G'74 and Ms. Linda J. Glaviano

Mr. Daniel L. Goldberg '16

Mr. Robert Gonsalves III '18

Dr. James P. Gonzalez '09 and Mrs. Alyssa B. Gonzalez '10, G'12

Mrs. Sarah B. Goodfellow G'71 and Mr. William C. Goodfellow +

Mr. Rajah K. Goodrich '18

Mrs. Donna H. Gordon G'75 and Mr. James M. Gordon

Mrs. Judith B. Gorman G'97

Mr. Christopher J. Gorsuch '79, G'82

Dr. Peter L. Goss G'66 and Mrs. Inge-Lise Goss

Mr. Andrew Gossen

Mrs. Pamela E. Gottheld G'97

Ms. Nicole T. Gotthold '18

Mrs. Joan C. Green G'80 and Mr. Roger E. Green ^

Mr. Xu Guo G'96 and Dr. Linghui Tang G'97, Ph.D.'98

Mr. Sumit Gupta G'17

Ms. Janet Hacker-Brumley G'07

Mr. Scott D. Hamilton '01

Mr. Paul T. Haramis '16

Ms. Chloe Harootunian '18

Mrs. Ann-Marie Y. Harrington and Mr. Peter P. Harrington, Jr.

Mrs. Barbara G. Harris '78

Mr. DuWayne D. Harrison '95

Mr. Lane S. Hart G'84 +

Ms. Haley M. Hatfield '18

Mr. Carl C. Haynes G'16

Mr. Joseph A. Hecht G'78

Ross Hecht and Julie Hecht

Mr. Yatish Hegde G'10, G'16

Mr. Jeffrey W. Herbine G'08 *

Mr. Patrick Herlihy '18

Mr. Kyle Hershan '15

Ms. Sylvia B. Hetzel G'17

Mrs. Mary E. Hicks '60, G'62 +

Mr. Alexis Ho Liu '18

Ms. Katherine E. Hochrein '17

Ms. Carol Hodges G'92

Ms. Kim M. Holava-Fudge '93, G'94 and Mr. Michael A. Fudge, Jr. G'03, G'06

Mr. Kecheng Huang '18

Ms. Liu Zhen Huang '16

Ms. Yun Huang and Dr. Yang Wang

Ms. Kathryn B. Hudson '10

Mrs. Allyson L. Hughes '94 and Mr. Jerome B. Hughes

Ms. Clea E. Hupp and Mr. Robert M. Hupp

Mr. Michael D. Hutchinson G'16

Mr. Binh Q. Huynh '06 *

Mr. Steven H. Inzer G'11

Mr. Steve Israel

Mr. Dushane A. Jackson '18

Mr. Chris A. Jaikaran '04 and Ms. Elinor Jaikaran

Mr. Paul G. Jamelske '91

Mr. Gerard Johnson G'08

Ms. Nidhi Joshi G'14

Mr. Guy Judkowski

Mr. San Jung '18
Mr. Woo H. Jung '18

Prof. Michelle L. Kaarst Brown

Ms. Sydney P. Kahn '17

Mrs. Barbara C. Kajos and Mr. George W. Kajos

Mr. William J. Kanalley G'74 and Mrs. Carol Maxim-Kanalley G'74

Ms. Samantha R. Kandell '18

Mr. Michael J. Kanhai

Ms. Rebecca L. Kantor '17

Mr. Ivan D. Kaproth-Joslin G'05 and Ms. Katherine Kaproth-Joslin

Ms. Sophia Kardaras Wegman '18

Mr. Andrew D. Katzer '97

Ms. Supreet Kaur '15

Mr. Kevin L. Kautz '81

Mr. Brian Keery '93 *

Mr. Ryan B. Kehr '18

Mrs. Leslie Kellman and Mr. Michael Kellman

Ms. Emily R. Kellman '18

Ms. Carol Kelly '13

Mr. Brian C. Kelsey '02, G'03 and Mrs. Amber Kelsey

Ms. Joyce M. Kesel

Ms. June H. Keuhn G'00

Mr. Scott M. Kevy '15

Mr. John T. Kicak '74 and Mrs. Maureen O. Kicak

Dr. Youngseek Kim G'08, Ph.D.'13 and Ms. Hyokyung Kwak G'12

Mr. Moon H. Kim G'72

Mrs. Keren E. Kim and Mr. Stanley S. Kim

Ms. Lily H. Kim '17

Ms. Faith D. Kindness G'81

Mrs. Lynn W. Kinsman G'93

Mrs. Susan L. Kline G'74 and Mr. John A. Kline *

Mr. Constantine S. Konugres '16

Mrs. Audrey B. Kortick and Dr. Steven A. Kortick

Dr. Arthur J. Kovel and Dr. Cynthia L. Smith

Ms. Susan P. Kowalski G'03 +

Mr. Timothy J. Kowalsky '16

Mr. George Kruthers and Mrs. Marianne Kruthers

Dr. Sudhir S. Kulkarni Ph.D.'82 and Mrs. Marilyn S. Kulkarni G'81

Mr. Prasanna Sunil Kulkarni G'16

Dr. Barbara H. Kwasnik +

Mr. Philip G. Lacbawan G'97

Mr. Robert S. Lalli G'76

Lori Laskin and Mr. Evan Laskin

Mrs. Nancy H. Latanision G'79 *

Mr. Luke A. Lawn '18

Mr. Thomas A. Lawson '78, G'82 and Ms. Laura E. Lawson '13

Mr. Alland Leandre '88 and Ms. Lisa M. Leandre *

Mr. Alex A. Lederman '16

Mr. Hyoung Bae Lee G'08

Mr. Kevin H. Lee '17

Ms. Nara Lee '14

Ms. Ashley Lefebvre

Mr. Adam Leger '18

Janice Leonard

Mr. Douglas I. Levy '03 and Mrs. Jessica S. Levy

Mr. E. David Levy and Mrs. Wendy W. Levy

Mr. Daniel B. Lewis '18

Mr. David G. Lewis G'85

Mr. Eric M. Lewis and Mrs. Shira J. Lewis

Mr. Gary F. Lewis and Ms. Margie A. Lewis

Mr. Rui Li G'16

Ms. Yu Liang '16, G'18

Mr. Su-Che Liao G'98 *

Mr. Grant B. Lieberman '10

Ms. Shirley H. Lincoln '57, G'58 *

Mr. William D. Lombardi '18

Miss Marlene L. Lopes G'74

Ms. Yvenique Lovinsky '16

Dr. Yi Lu Ph.D.'91 and Ms. Julia H. Lu G'95 *

Mr. Anthony D. Macari '89

Ms. Meghan T. MacBlane L'06

Mrs. Judith M. MacKnight G'78

Ms. Alexis V. Madison '14

Mr. Prabhukrishna Maharabhushanam G'15

Mrs. Mariann T. Major and Mr. Michael J. Major

Mrs. Barbara S. Mall '46, '47

Ms. Kristy L. Malley '18

Mrs. Lynne B. Manning '91 *

Ms. Amanda M. Marderosian '18

Mr. Daniel J. Marino '97

Ms. Kayla R. Marquez

Dr. Betsy V. Martens G'78, Ph.D.'04 and Dr. Jon B. Martens G'79

Mrs. Kathleen Marvin G'78 and Mr. Stephen G. Marvin G'78 +

Mrs. Janet K. Mason G'79

Mr. Carl C. Mather '86

Ms. Ellen K. Mayne G'98

Mr. Paul H. McCarthy G'64 and Ms. Lucy A. McCarthy

Mr. Frank C. McDowell '06 *

Dr. William E. McGrath Ph.D.'75

Ms. M. Christine McGregor G'86 +

Mr. Michael J. McLane G'67, G'77 and Ms. Elizabeth K. McLane G'87

Dr. Thomas J. McMahon G'82 *

Mr. Adam McMonagle '12

Mr. Benjamin J. Meade '18

Mrs. Amy R. Meade and Mr. Jim A. Meade

Ms. Pamela Medina '13

Mr. Daniel F. Megnin '92 and Ms. Katie S. Feiman-Megnin '93

Miss Dianne K. Melnychuk G'71

Mrs. Antonette S. Melvin G'99 and Mr. William L. Melvin

Mr. Peter C. Menaker '18

Mr. Henry C. Mensch G'17

Mr. Roger B. Merrill G'03

Mrs. Johnetta R. Merritt G'55

Ms. Alexandra J. Mersky '18

Mr. Michael J. Middleton '90 and Ms. Margaret A. Middleton G'11

Ms. Satoko Mii '18

Mr. Howard E. Miller G'63 and Ms. Penny A. Miller

Ms. Thayer A. Miller '71, G'92

Ms. Megan Minier '16

Mrs. Betty J. Mitscher G'61

Ms. Anne P. Mlod G'01 and Mr. John L. Mlodzianowski, Jr.

Ms. Andrea R. Molinet G'98

Mr. David J. Molta and Mrs. Sari A. Molta

Ms. Erika J. Monell '96, G'97

Ms. Jena F. Montante '00

Ms. Jennifer D. Morris G'79

Mr. Samuel B. Morrison '13

Ms. Elizabeth Murphy G'94 and Mr. Michael Murphy +

Ms. Taylor A. Murphy '15

Mr. Jason T. Mussman '18

Dr. Lawrence Myers, Jr. G'49, Ph.D.'56

Ms. Sagarika S. Naik

Ms. Samantha V. Neely '04

Mrs. Linda M. Negus-Chasse G'67 and Dr. John D. Chasse Ph.D.'74

Mr. John J. Nehme, Jr. '08, G'10, G'12

Mr. Maxwell R. Nelson '18

Mr. Stephen E. Nemy '18

Mr. Cory R. Nesser '02

Ms. Deborah L. Nosky G'90

Mr. Richard K. Noyes and Mrs. Ruth S. Noyes

Steven Nussbaum and Mrs. Barbara Nussbaum

Ms. Jennifer E. Nutefall '96, G'98

Ms. Megan Oakleaf

Mr. Robert L. O'Brien '14

Mr. Sean P. O'Connor '92 and Mrs. Marguerite T. O'Connor

Mrs. Cheryl O. O'Connor '68, G'69 and Dr. Daniel O. O'Connor G'68, Ph.D.'78

Ms. Wendy C. Oliver G'97 +

Mr. Royal L. Olson, Jr. '90 and Mrs. Kristen C. Olson '91

Mrs. Jean B. Palmer G'69

Mrs. Susan S. Palmer '76, G'78 and Mr. Larry I. Palmer *

Ms. Julia E. Palmer *

Dr. Norma E. Palomino G'18

Mr. Joseph A. Palumbo '00

Mr. James A. Pampinella and Mrs. Marie L. Pampinella G'83

Mr. Kyle J. Parkan '18

Miss Mary E. Passage G'73 +

Mrs. Heidi M. Passalacqua and Mr. William E. Passalacqua

Mr. Arik J. Pelkey '96

Ms. Jingyi Peng '18

Mrs. Gina D. Pepe '07 and Mr. Nicholas A. Pepe '08

Ms. Laura A. Perdiue '10

Mr. Christopher S. Perrello G'13

Ms. Amanda E. Perrine G'11

Mr. Connor T. Peterson

Mrs. Barbara W. Petruzzelli G'80 and Mr. Louis Petruzzelli

Mr. Sebastiano C. Petti '05

Ms. Cynthia K. Phillips G'85 *

Ms. Kimberly A. Pietro G'01

Mr. Ryan G. Pike '18

Ms. Ann H. Pollock G'83 ^

Mrs. Jean A. Polly '74, G'75

Ms. Ariel Pomputius G'15

Mr. Carl M. Poole G'17

Mrs. Gina Potenza '97 and Mr. Frank G. Potenza G'98

Mr. James M. Powell '08, G'14 and Mrs. Maren G. Powell '09, G'13

Mrs. Jill H. Powell G'85

Mrs. Johanna W. Prins G'74, G'78 +

Ms. Frieda A. Projansky '16

Ms. Alissa M. Pulver '13

Ms. Jennifer L. Pulver *

Mr. Scott A. Purdy '06

Ms. Heather N. Pyle '14

Ms. Alanna Quinlan '18

Mr. Justin Quinonez '18

Ms. Judith R. Rabkin '64, G'66

Ms. Rebekah A. Race and Mr. Christopher M. Sedore

Ms. Jodie M. Ralston G'01

Ms. Cynthia H. Rasmussen-Dykes G'08, G'10

Ms. Ellen B. Ratty

Ms. Susan B. Reckhow G'88 *

Ms. Rebecca A. Rector G'76 and Mr. Robert J. Armao G'81

Mrs. Catherine A. Reed G'84

Ms. Meredith A. Reiche '17

Mr. Jason C. Reif

Ms. Mary E. Reinke G'78

Ms. Joy L. Renfro G'09

Mrs. Lois M. Reymann G'65

Mrs. Jeane P. Rinker G'87 and Mr. Robert C. Rinker *

Ms. Jessica N. Rizzo '18

Mrs. Tania K. Robinson '99 and Mr. Robert A. Robinson

Mr. Jamieson C. Rodgers G'10

Ms. Bethel A. Rodriguez G'67 +

Ms. Barbara J. Rogachefsky '91

Mr. Ben Romy '12

Ms. Allie H. Rose '18

Mr. Jacob L. Rosenbaum '18

Mr. J.D. Ross

Ms. Allison M. Roth '15

Mrs. Selma C. Rowland G'72

Mr. Alan Rubens

Mr. Josh Rubens

Mr. Rob A. Rubio and Mrs. Stacy R. Rubio

Mr. John C. Russ

Mr. John W. Russell G'68 *

Mr. Lockhart M. Russell '54, G'63 and Dr. Bernadette M. Russell G'76, Ph.D.'99

Mrs. Theresa F. Russo G'82 +

Ms. Erin Ryan '17

Miss Concetta N. Sacco G'62 +

Mrs. Marion H. Sachdeva G'71

Mr. John Sauve '18

Ms. Lora A. Scarson '02, G'11, G'16

Ms. Julia W. Schaeffer G'81

Mrs. Margaret K. Schatz '71

Mr. Joel M. Schipper '72, G'72 and Ms. Laine Barbanell - Schipper

Mrs. Karin-Jill Schneider and Mr. Kenneth A. Schneider

Mr. Andrew Schoenfeld

Mr. John Schroeder and Mrs. Lisa A. Schroeder

Mr. Peter D. Schult G'11

Mrs. Joan Schwartz and Mr. Jeffrey Schwartz

Mr. Vincent M. Scipione '17

Ms. Lucrezia R. Scumaci

Mr. Zachary A. Seckler '03

Mr. Robert I. Segredo G'16

Ms. Kathleen Seibert '18

Mr. Drew A. Seidman '11

Mr. Jeffrey P. Sellner '99

Mr. Austin Senecal '16

Mrs. Carol R. Shama G'89

Mrs. Patricia C. Shanley G'67

Mr. Efrem Sharew '18

Mr. Naufal Z. Sheikh G'08

Mr. Takaaki Shinagawa G'00

Ms. Gail Shlifer

Mr. Kevin J. Shults

Mrs. Anne C. Siegel G'69 *

Ms. Carol Silberfein

Mr. Bruce Silverman and Mrs. Robin Silverman

Mr. Jeffrey J. Simon G'78 +

Mr. Steven M. Simons '18

Mr. Seth B. Singer '17

Mr. David R. Skoler '15

Mrs. Patty R. Skoler and Dr. Peter M. Skoler

Ms. Susan T. Slenker G'80 +

Dr. Ruth V. Small '64, G'77, Ph.D.'85

Dr. Linda C. Smith Ph.D.'79 +

Mr. Daniel R. Smith G'87 *

Mr. Michael A. Smith '12, G'13 *

Ms. Jessica L. Smith '12, G'17

Ms. Martha J. Soles G'00

Mrs. Katherine L. Sommers G'91

Mrs. Marcene S. Sonneborn '76, G'77, G'89 and Mr. James L. Sonneborn

Kay Stearns Bruening Ph.D. G'80

Mr. James P. Stechschulte '96 and Ms. Jennifer D. Erzen '97

Mr. Matthew C. Stedman '18

Mr. A. Kenneth Stepka G'09

Ms. Diane M. Stirling '11, G'13, G'17 and Mr. Bruce W. Stirling *

Mrs. Sandra R. Stone G'71 and Mr. Robin L. Stone +

Ms. Donna L. Stoner '67 and Mr. George B. Cady G'73

Ms. Gale D. Strickland '97 *

Dr. Barbara K. Stripling G'11

Mr. Robert K. Stronach

Ms. Anne Marie Suchanek '13, G'14

Mr. Anoop D. Suresh G'16

Mrs. Dorothy N. Sutton G'54 and Mr. John F. Sutton *

Ms. Megan Swanson '18

Mrs. Sarah S. Swisher G'74

Mr. Carl A. Talbot G'58

Ms. Eunice E. Teel G'01 +

Mr. Richard W. Tehan '12, G'13

Ms. Juanita Thierry

Mrs. Helen M. Thomas '73 and Mr. Arthur P. Thomas

Mr. Federico A. Tomianovic '96 and Ms. Lalena Tomianovic

Mrs. Barbara W. Tompkins G'78

Mrs. Carolyn K. Trombly G'87 and Mr. Gregory D. Trombly

Mrs. Diana M. Tucker G'08 and Mr. Craig R. Tucker

Ms. Andrea M. Turnbull '97

Mrs. Mary S. Van Buren G'81

Mrs. Vera M. Vecchio '70, G'71

Mr. Zachary L. Vehar '18

Mr. Peter S. Veinus '67, G'70 and Mrs. Janine Veinus '70

Mr. Ethan W. Vest

Mr. Thomas A. Wahl and Prof. Jill A. Hurst-Wahl

Mr. Christian A. Wakeman G'15

Mrs. Julie L. Walas '07, G'13, G'15 *

Ms. Amy E. Walsh G'87 *

Mr. Chensen Wang G'16

Ms. Dale L. Washington

Mr. Sean N. Weaston G'12 *

Ms. Sarah F. Weber G'10

Shelley Weber

Ms. Millie Weinberg

Ms. Shannon L. Weis '18

Mr. Andrew S. Wells '05

Mr. Silvestre White Eagle G'96

Mrs. Anne White-Olsen G'78

Mr. Richard P. Widdicombe G'64 and Mrs. Martha E. Widdicombe

Mr. Zachary D. Wilder '18

Dr. Ann E. Williams G'63

Mr. Marcus C. Williams '14

Ms. Susan L. Winch G'95

Mr. Neil A. Winston '14 *

Ms. Lindsay M. Withers '16Ms. Gloria L. Witherspoon '02
Mrs. Barbara J. Wittkopf G'68

Mrs. Anne M. Wodnick G'03 +

Ms. May Wohlafka G'15

Ms. Linda A. Wozniak '77, G'84 +

Mr. Tanner Wray G'88 +

Ms. Lu Xiao

Ms. Haiyun Xu '15

Mr. Yasunori Yamamoto G'02

Mr. Zhi Q. Yang '14

Mr. Chris Yin '18

Dr. Philip T. Yuan Ph.D.'72 and Mrs. Beatrice Yuan G'71 *

Mr. Tae-Soo Yuk G'02

Ms. Deborah D. Zeger '10

Mr. Jie Zhang G'13

Mr. Yi Zhong '16, G'18

Ms. Mingyu Zhong G'16

Ms. Sudan Zhuang '18

Mrs. Marilyn R. Zirn '56

Ms. Ning Zou G'16

Marc Zucker

Mr. Paul W. Zuk '70 and Mrs. Karen R. Zuk

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