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A Great Adventure!

Now is a defining time for our field and the School of Information Studies. We have achieved the quality, reputation, ranking, research, and centrality within the University that we have worked toward for more than a century. Our new quarters on the quad—the central heart of the University—are a tangible sign that “we have arrived.” It was the wishes of the chancellor and the deans of the university that our school should be in the center of campus—as the information field was seen as the “liberal art” of the 21st century, and a place where all the University would wish to collaborate.

The generations of hard work by faculty, students, staff, alumni, and friends have made our school not only a Syracuse signature, but also a national treasure. While the faculty members have created innovative curricula that have leverage our strengths and diversity and produced the leading information professionals and information scientists in the world, they have also been imaginative, creative, and productive in their exploration. We are among the top schools in the University in terms of sponsored research. From a national perspective, we’re right at the top of the list. From all measures, we are poised to be recognized as the number one information school in the world.

Our school’s faculty and students don’t simply limit themselves to teaching and research, but also make a difference in the real world through professional leadership. Our undergraduates help not-for-profit organizations as part of the service learning component in their capstone course. The school attempts to bridge the digital divide through the work of our Center for Digital Literacy. Real world networking issues are addressed through our Center for Emerging Network Technology. Fundamental policy and information technology issues are addressed through our Digital Convergence Center. In all areas, the school is fully engaged in bringing the fruits of our field to the world.

You can help in our great adventure. Certainly the University provides its share, and our faculty industriousness brings in millions in sponsored research. What is also needed is the continuing cutting edge technology secured through the Technology Endowment Campaign for Hinds Hall (TECHH), scholarships and fellowships for our students, and funds for new school initiatives, entrepreneurial startups, and challenge grants. And of course, endowed professorships are essential in making sure we have the best faculty in the world, and distinguished lectureships and symposia to bring world leaders to our campus. Consider making your school your partner for the long haul. We need to build the foundation now for increased excellence into the twenty-second century!

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