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Transfer Students

The Syracuse University School of Information Studies is pleased to welcome you!

Every student’s story is a little bit different, and we are excited to hear how yours led you to the iSchool. We add about a dozen transfer students into our classes every year, and they enrich our community and classrooms.

Approximately 350 new transfer students join us at Syracuse University each fall, and 150 more join us in the spring. If you are interested, apply today!

Apply to transfer to the iSchool

Intra-University Transfers (IUT)

Intra-University Transfers (IUT) are for current Syracuse University undergraduate students who would like to transfer into the School of Information Studies  (iSchool). For more information, please visit the iSchool's IUT Page.

iSchool Intra-University Transfer Page

Articulation Agreements

To make the transfer experience as seamless as possible, the iSchool has signed articulation agreements with a growing list of accredited universities and two-year institutions that offer similar programs at their colleges. These agreements ease the transition process by allowing specific completed course work to transfer in with students and be counted as completed college credits.

Articulation agreements are not a prerequisite; we accept applications from transfer students from any accredited school. Find out exactly how your courses will transfer by browsing Syracuse University's Transfer Evaluation System.

We have articulation agreements with a variety of institutions. For more details regarding specific articulation agreements, please visit the Syracuse University Office of Admissions ​Community College and Institutional Partnerships page.


For more information, please visit Syracuse University Office of Admissions' Transfer Student page.

Visit the Transfer Student page

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