Minor in Information Technology, Design, and Startups

Do you have a dream of starting a new company? The minor in Information Technology, Design, and Startups (IDS) is a great way of converting that dream into reality. In IDS courses, you’ll acquire the basic knowledge and skills required to run a successful business. You’ll also learn how to develop and refine new ideas—the seeds of innovation—and turn those ideas into a viable venture. You can earn credit through real-world entrepreneurial immersion experiences, allowing you to pursue your venture while earning your bachelor’s degree.

The IDS minor also provides a supportive environment of talented faculty members who approach entrepreneurship from a multidisciplinary perspective as well as a team of community partners and mentors who can help you make the right connections to jumpstart your venture.


The most up-to-date curriculum information may be found in the Syracuse University Course Catalog.

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Julie Walas Huynh
Director of Academic Advising and Student Engagement
Syracuse University School of Information Studies
114 Hinds Hall