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Minor in Information Management and Technology

Minor in Information management  and technology (IM&T) at the iSchool

The School of Information Studies offers an 18-credit minor program in Information Management and Technology (IM&T). Students with any non-iSchool major in any college within Syracuse University can pursue this minor.

The IM&T minor gives students knowledge of information technology and an understanding of information and communication challenges. This minor complements many majors because all organizations need people who understand information resources and information technology.

Why should you Minor in IM&T?

Students who minor in information management and technology increase their employability in a variety of careers:

Science and research majors who want to work in a research lab will be more employable if they can use online information systems to retrieve information and manage data, such as genome sequences.

Retailing and business students will be better prepared to work in business if they have skills in microcomputer applications and office systems technology.

Communications students must be able to research information, present and package it effectively in video, audio, and print form. An information technology minor will provide those skills.

Arts and Sciences majors with courses in information systems and information policy will find many opportunities to work in federal, state, and local government.

Health and human services majors who minor in Information Management and Technology will be better prepared to work in the automated, information-intensive environment of the healthcare industry.

Visual and art majors will learn how information technology gives them new tools by which to enhance the world.

What you will learn

The IM&T minor is an 18-credit program that provides the basic knowledge and skills to understand information technology. The IM&T minor is open to all non-iSchool major undergraduate students.


This minor requires 18 undergraduate credits. At minimum of 12 credits must be at the 300+ level. All courses are 3 undergraduate credits unless specified otherwise. 

The 18 credits are distributed as follows:

  • 9 credits in Required Courses
    • 3 credits in IST 195 - Information Technologies
    • 3 credits in a Technology Course (see Course Catalog for list of courses)
    • 3 credits in a Management Course (see Course Catalog for list of courses)
  • 9 credits in Electives
    • Select three other information and technology courses, preferable from an IM&T concentration.

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How to Apply

The minor application form and instructions can be found on the Student Services webpage.
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