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Graduate Programs

The Syracuse University School of Information Studies (iSchool) is the original information school. Our approach stands out from other institutions that offer computer science, management, information science, and other related programs. Our focus is on users and user information needs as a starting point for integrating information and information technology into organizations.

iSchool  faculty represent  a vast array of fields and are active in research topics that reflect their diverse intellectual backgrounds and interests. Each year, our students graduate as full-fledged information professionals and consistently achieve high job placement rates in relevant fields.

Our master's degree programs are available to full-time and part-time students via online, campus-based, or blended formats. Our doctoral degree program is only available in an on-campus and full-time format; we do not offer our Ph.D. program in an online or part-time format.

  • The Master of Science in Library and Information Science is a comprehensive, American Library Association-accredited, 36-credit degree program.

  • Focuses on teaching Library and Information Science (LIS) students the skills to instruct children in grades pre-K through 12 in all areas of literacy and technology fluency.

  • The MS in Information Management (IM) from the iSchool uses an interdisciplinary approach to learning and understanding information technology.

  • The MS in Applied Data Science prepares students with the practical analytical and technical skills to apply analytical concepts to gain insight from small and large datasets.

  • The M.S. in Enterprise Data Systems from the iSchool is designed for students who want to prepare professionally to design, support and optimize the infrastructure that supports the digital enterprise

  • Ph.D. in information science and technology is a research-based degree for those individuals interested in becoming researchers, professors, consultants, or more theoretically oriented positions

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