Expect More Library Scholarship

Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (iSchool) is home to a vibrant librarianship community that represents the many layers, principles, and moving parts of new librarianship. Our faculty is dedicated to providing you with an enriched graduate education experience and bringing you into a network of outstanding librarians and library educators who are changing the field.

Libraries have always been about collecting and disseminating knowledge—from clay tablets, to papyrus scrolls, to books—but as the paradigm shifts, libraries are becoming communities of knowledge creation as well as preservation and dissemination. Graduates of the iSchool's MS in Library and Information Science (LIS) and MS in Library and Information Science: School Media (LIS:SM) know how to power innovation to meet the needs of their patrons in all sectors of the community.

Today's librarianship is engaging and dynamic. At the iSchool, we prepare librarians who expect more and deliver more.

About the Scholarship

The Expect More Library Scholarship is for students who are prepared for an intense but highly rewarding academic experience at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies.

We are able to offer the Expect More Library Scholarship program due to a generous donation from our library alumna, Estelle Wilhelm.

Expect More Library Scholars receive:

  • A 50% tuition award
  • Pairing with a specific faculty mentor, who is carefully matched to the student’s career field of interest, for the two years of the graduate education program
  • Opportunity for faculty assistant work with faculty mentor during the academic year on projects in the Expect More Library Scholar's field of interest. 
  • A $1,000 travel fund for library conferences, industry networking events, and professional development activities

The Expect More Library Scholarship application is now open. The deadline to apply to the scholarship is March 1.

The scholarship application is open to applicants of the MS in Library and Information Science and MS in Library and Information Science with School Media specialization; you must submit an application to either of these programs prior to applying to the scholarship.


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Expect More Faculty

You can expect more from our faculty -- and they will deliver. The iSchool faculty includes experts in cataloging, gamification, cultural preservation, archiving, technology-enabled change, scripting and coding, data science, visualization - the list goes on. Expect More Library Scholars get the opportunity to work closely with LIS and LISSM faculty, so learn more about our faculty and their areas of expertise.


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2015 Expect More Scholars

Meet the 2015 Expect More Scholars

Get to learn more about the inaugural scholars who were chosen to work with iSchool faculty.

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