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Faculty Research Interests

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The iSchool has more than 30 tenured and tenure-track faculty engaged in a great variety of interesting research areas. The school also has several research-focused professors who include scholarly work in their portfolio of professional activities. Every doctoral student must have a research-active faculty member as his or her primary advisor.

Prospective doctoral students should take the time to explore the backgrounds of several faculty members by examining the Faculty Research Areas page. This is only a list of the topics our researchers are actively exploring, so make sure to examine their CVs in detail by following the links from their profiles.

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For Prospective Doctoral Students

Doctoral programs at the iSchool are highly faculty driven, meaning that the research interests and mentoring capacities of the faculty provide a critical determinant of the doctoral student’s success. All students have both a primary advisor and one or more advisory committee members. The dedication and focus of these advisors in mentoring students through their doctoral work support student success.

We expect each prospective student to have identified at least two faculty members whose research interests mesh with his or her interests prior to applying to the program. Some students change advisors once they have solidified their thesis and dissertation plans, and our programs fully support such changes, but experience has shown that early and sustained faculty interest serves as a key success factor for doctoral students.

When preparing a personal statement for submission as part of the doctoral application process, prospective students should make sure to articulate how their research interests connect with those of two or more faculty members from the Faculty Research Area list. Applications in which personal statements build a clear connection to the current interests of two or more faculty members will receive the closest consideration.

When to Contact iSchool Faculty

Prospective students often ask whether they should contact a faculty member with whom they share interests prior to completing the application process.

If you are a prospective student and you have a substantive question that can only be answered by a particular faculty member, you may reach out to that person with a brief, personalized, and carefully worded note.

Keep in mind, however, that the most precious faculty resource is time. Faculty members tend to dedicate professional time primarily toward mentoring their current students.

If you have specific questions about our Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology or the application process, you can contact the program manager at

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