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Email Listservs

We encourage all students to sign up for their program listserv. We have included the names of the listservs below, as well as how to subscribe and unsubscribe them as well.

This same information will be available once you have been subscribed to a listserv. It is mentioned here to make the message available for future reference. 

To subscribe to a listserv, follow the directions below. All commands are sent to Leave the subject line blank. Note that it does not usually matter whether you use upper or lower case.

To Subscribe:

subscribe listname fullname

e.g., to subscribe to list ISTLIS and your name is Jane Doe:

subscribe ISTLIS Jane Doe 

Upon graduation, please unsubscribe to all IST listservs to which you belong. To unsubscribe, follow the directions below. All commands are sent to Leave the subject line blank.

To Unsubscribe:

unsubscribe listname
e.g., to unsubscribe to list ISTLIS: 

unsubscribe ISTLIS

Available Listservs

The following Listservs are available. Relevant programs are listed underneath their corresponding Listserv.


  • BS in Information Management and Technology students


  • MS in Applied Data Science (campus students)
  • CAS in Data Science (campus students)


  • MS in Enterprise Data Systems


  • MS in Information Management (campus students)
  • CAS in Information Security Management (campus students)


  • MS in Library and Information Science (campus and online students)


  • CAS in Enterprise Technology Leadership (campus and online students)


  • MS in Library and Information Science with School Media specialization (campus and online students)


  • MS in Telecommunications and Network Management


  • Ph.D. in Information Science and Technolog
  • DPS-IM Students

For questions, please contact your Program Manager.

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