Advising FAQs

What are the department TOEFL/GRE codes?

TOEFL 90; GRE 4701


What is the Syracuse University institution code for the graduate application?



How do I get on a course waiting list?

To add yourself to a course waitlist, login to, and select "Full Class Schedule" from the dashboard.Select your desired course and click the "Join Waitlist" button on the details screen. If you have any questions see an advisor in Student Services.


How do I get permission to register for a School of Information Studies course?

Undergraduates should see Tess Schaufler and graduate students should see Jose Tavarez to be given permission for a course or put on a waiting list.


How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to a program listserv?

Please see the listservs section of our site.


What do I do if I want to dispute a grade?

Always talk to your professor first for an explanation of how the grade was determined. If you are still unsatisfied, see your Program Director.


How do I find out if my grade has been changed?

Check MySlice. If the grade has not been changed, please see Lora Scarson directly.


How do I register a complaint about an instructor or staff member?

If you have a concern about the behavior of an instructor or staff member (such as sexual harassment, rudeness) or general concerns about the way a class is going, please see your Program Director or the Assistant Dean of Student and Career Services.


How do I appeal a charge of academic dishonesty?

Speak with the professor of the class where the charge occurred. If you still feel you have been charged unfairly, meet with the Academic Integrity Office.


How do I appeal an academic suspension?

You must appeal in writing to your Program Director by the deadline included in your letter informing you of the suspension.


How do I drop a course after the academic drop deadline?

You need a Petition for Withdrawal signed by your home college. See Jose Tavarez if you are a graduate student. See Tess Schaufler if you are an undergraduate student.


I want to withdraw from school. Who do I see?

Undergraduates must see Tess Schaufler. You will need to complete the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form. See Jose Tavarez if you are a graduate student.