Applying to college is one of the most exciting and nerve-racking times of your life. Here are 5 last-minute things you can do before you submit your college application to make sure your application is ready.

1. Double check your application deadlines

Make sure that you are aware of the different deadlines for each school. It can be helpful to make a calendar specifically for seeing each of the deadlines. This will allow you to see when everything needs to be in by. You can also set reminders on your phone.

2. Double check the name of the program and college/university

Some universities and programs have similar names. And some programs, like dual degree programs, have a certain program listed first – so it can be hard to find the one you need.

When using drop-down menus, writing your essay, or filling out your forms, double-check that college/program to make sure you are applying to the correct one. Always make sure you read all of your options so you’re sure you are applying to the correct program.

3. Proofread everything

Double-check your essay and all your supplemental questions. Also, don’t forget to double-check the information you put in. You want to make sure your address, email address, and phone number are right, or you might not get the decision.

Finally, have a friend, parent, or guardian look over everything for you and provide feedback on content, grammar and spelling.

4. Start the conversation about financing your education

Make sure you start the conversation about how you will finance college. The earlier you plan, the easier it will be when scholarship, loan and financial aid applications come around.

This can also help set your expectations. If you know what colleges are in your range you will be able to prepare your expectations accordingly.

Your parents are just as excited and nervous as you for this process. Make sure you are openly communicating with them.

5. Get excited!

Prepare for the nerves. Once you hit send, the waiting starts. The weeks leading up to receiving my college acceptance were extremely stressful. I felt like my future was dependent on what would happen.

The best advice I received was: you will end up where you belong. Find a way to relax and get excited. Senior year of high school should be fun! Experience that, and don’t let the stress of waiting prevent you from enjoying it.

Bonus tip! If you’re stuck on your college application essay …

In your essay or supplemental questions, you have the opportunity to make yourself stand out. This might seem impossible, but you can find a way to make yourself memorable.

This can be done by talking about your experiences, why you want to attend that college, or what you want to study. It is okay to not be an expert on a subject. That is why you are applying to go to college!

Using your experiences, show them why you would be a good fit and tell them that you want to be there.

Do you have anything to add to this list of last-minute college application tips? Write your suggestions in the comments below!