Center for Digital Literacy

Director – Meredith Professor Ruth V. Small
Location – 105 Hinds Hall
Phone number – 315-443-6144


The Center for Digital Literacy (CDL) is an interdisciplinary, collaborative research and development center at Syracuse University dedicated to (1) understanding the impact of information, technology and media literacies on children and adults (particularly those from underserved populations) in today's technology-intensive society and (2) studying the impact having or not having these literacies has on people, organizations, and society. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to look at issues from a variety of perspectives and to exchange ideas that broaden and enlighten approaches to research in this area.


  • New York State Impact Study: School library media specialists do much more than simply provide learning support to students. While teaching children the skills they need to be independent users of ideas and information, they also excite them about the process of learning and stimulate their curiosity and exploration of information and information resources. This two-year study will help the school library community better understand the impact of New York State's school libraries on student learning and motivation.
  • S.O.S. for Information Literacy: This six-year project is dedicated to improving the teaching of information literacy and research skills, to students at both the K-12 and college levels, through the development of a freely-accessible, web-based, multimedia database of motivating, tried-and-true lesson plans, contributed by and shared among classroom teachers and library media specialists throughout the world. The project includes an online, multimedia magazine called Educators’ Spotlight Digest.
  • Enriching Literacy through Information Technology (E*LIT): The E*LIT project is organized and managed entirely by SU students. E*LIT is intended to help children (K-12) in Central New York (and beyond) understand the synergy between technology and literacy. This event has been highly successful in motivating children to read, to work collaboratively, and to use technology in productive ways.
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