New Librarianship Open Online Course

Libraries have existed for millennia, but today the library field is searching for solid footing in an increasingly fragmented (and increasingly digital) information environment. What is librarianship when it is unmoored from cataloging, books, buildings, and committees?

The vision for a new librarianship must go beyond finding library-related uses for information technology and the Internet; it must provide a durable foundation for the field. New Librarianship recasts librarianship and library practice using the fundamental concept that knowledge is created though conversation. New librarians approach their work as facilitators of conversation; they seek to enrich, capture, store, and disseminate the conversations of their communities.

iSchool faculty led this online course which provided a foundation for practicing librarians and library science students in new librarianship. It built upon The Atlas of New Librarianship, the 2012 ABC CLIO/Greenwood Award for the Best Book in Library Literature and sought to generate discussion about the future direction of the profession.


The class was taught and moderated by core faculty at the iSchool with international reputations: R. David Lankes, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Megan Oakleaf and Jian Qin.

For Fun or Credit

The Course was offered for free online. However, participation in the course also led to Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for an additional fee, or graduate academic credit with additional work and tuition.

Read the FAQ for more information about credit options offered.

Guided Mode in July

The course was offered in a guided mode from July 8 to August 4 2013. After that month the class will be opened online, but CEU or academic credit options will no longer be available.

Benefits of Participation

MIT Press provided participants in the course with a 20% discount on The Atlas of New Librarianship. The iSchool at Syracuse University provided a 20% course tuition award to those wishing to take the course for graduate credit.

Thank You!

We are very excited with the high level of interest received for our New Librarianship Master Class Open Online Course. The course was offered in a guided mode from July 8 to August 4 2013. After that month, the class was opened online, but CEU or academic credit options were no longer available. To access the course beyond July 8th, go to CourseSites and select the Self-Enroll option. If you would like to be included in a future librarian MOOC offering then please complete the form below.

Future Librarianship MOOC Offerings

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