Women in Information Technology

The information technology industry needs more women in the industry, and leading the industry, if technology innovations are going to fully reflect the society they serve.

The Syracuse University iSchool is deeply committed to supporting and engaging women at every stage of the information technology lifecycle, from middle-school to industry. If you are a woman with an interest in this field, or someone that wants to support women in this field, the iSchool has an opportunity for you. We invite you to browse this section and learn how you can get involved in:

  • Engagement programs for middle and high school-aged women designed to ignite interest in technology studies and careers.
  • Campaigns that recognize and celebrate our current students, faculty, alumnae, and other technical women.
  • Targeted recruitment and retention efforts at schools and conferences across the nation to reach a more diverse pool of potential students.


The iSchool also proudly accepted an invitation to join the 2013-2015 Pacesetters, a small group of organizations within NCWIT that have dedicated to making radical, quantifiable change by collaborating with senior executives from start-ups, corporations, universities, and government to increase the number of technical women throughout the computing and IT pipeline.



In order to move the national needle and make real progress toward our gender diversity goals, the iSchool partners with the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT).

As a member of the NCWIT Academic Alliance and Entrepreneurial Alliance, the iSchool is able to institute positive organizational changes here at Syracuse University to benefit more women in computing and IT, and to educate our student entrepreneurs about the importance and benefits of establishing diversity in their leadership from the very beginning.


“As a woman studying technology at Syracuse University, I feel empowered. I am provided with a strong support system that values my ideas and experiences, and helps guide me into a positive direction. I hope to serve as a role model for young girls to challenge themselves, to never doubt themselves, and believe in their ability to take part in this innovative field."

Fatma NGom, BS in IM&T '16

“To me, technology is a great equalizer for women and a tool we can use to make the world around us better. The iSchool gives me the tools and knowledge to be that go-to person in the technology field and understand how to communicate that to others. Rather than being identified by gender, I am identified as a leader in the field.”  

Hailey-Margaret Temple, iSchool/Newhouse Dual '14
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