Student Work

Students at the Syracuse iSchool engage in a variety of projects that they conduct on their own, through campus student groups, and as part of their coursework. This section is dedicated to some of the exceptional work that they do.



Students are hard at work this summer developing and launching the following start-ups at the Student Sandbox, a special entrepreneurship support center located within the technology garden in downtown Syracuse.

Dream Fetcher

Student entrepreneurs: Kyle McShane, Gerald Decelian, Austin Curtis
The big idea: A web-based service that matches job seekers with the positions and employers of their dreams.
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Brewing History

Student entrepreneurs: Jason Newton, Krysten Reilly, Eric Altman
The big idea: A brewery dedicated to brewing old-time recipes and new innovative recipes, connecting Central New York with its historical brewery roots.
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Campus Mosaic

Student entrepreneurs: Brian Weinreich, Alex Piliouras, Tory Gentes
The big idea: A dual venture that includes Cuse My Campus and Squeeze My Tees. Cuse My Campus is a website with uncensored satirical news, articles, pictures, and videos for the SU community. Squeeze My Tees is an apparel business focusing on comedic t-shirts and creative, student-generated designs.
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Student entrepreneurs: Dave Chenell, Eric Cleckner, Kevin Holmes
The big idea: The first online game for your hand-drawn characters. Upload your sketches and watch them battle it out.
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Higher Limits

Student entrepreneurs: Sterling Ventura, Simon Taveras Jr., Sindy Mendez
The big idea: A unique clothing company influenced primarily by urban style and graffiti.


Student entrepreneurs: Joseph Gennaro, Jerrell Perry, Justin Perry, Brian Goetsch
The big idea: A web-based social networking/gaming service that allows musicians to upload their songs, play each other’s music, compete, and collaborate.


Student entrepreneurs: Cameron Lassiter, Paulina Kernacova, Jimmy Brunner
The big idea: A community-based collective that specializes in redesigning reclaimed building components, using them to patch and revitalize decaying structures, or create new structures.
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Student entrepreneur: Kate Gaffigan
The big idea: A waste upcycling service that repurposes used cooking grease and oil from local restaurants by making it into handcrafted, scented soap.

Safe Sip

Student entrepreneurs: Colby M. Morgan, Meocha Belle, Putman Davis
The big idea: A drinking straw that detects the presence of date rape drugs in a beverage by changing color.

The Front

Student entrepreneurs: Stephen Klimek, Chris DePalma, Molly Poes
The big idea: A non-profit that triggers urban development in Syracuse by renovating abandoned storefronts into prime real estate and securing long-term tenants.
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