About the iSchool

The School of Information Studies is The Original Information School in the nation. It is a leading center for innovative programs in information policy, information behavior, information management, information systems, information technology and information services. The nationally ranked school (U.S. News and World Report) has professional degree programs at the undergraduate and master's levels and research and professional degrees at the doctoral level. The school offers its master's programs in campus and online formats.

Our approach stands out from other institutions that offer computer science, management, information science, and related programs in that our focus is on users and user information needs as a starting point for integrating information and information technology into organizations. The faculty combines expertise in information systems, linguistics, computer science, library science, education, business management, school media, digital literacy, management information systems, telecommunications, wireless and emerging technologies, and communication. The faculty are very active in research topics that reflect their diverse intellectual backgrounds and interests.

The Central Themes of the School of Information Studies

Five basic themes express the school's research and teaching mission. These themes define our vision of the information field and provide a focus for both the design of our curriculum and our sponsored research.

The Interrelationship Among the Five Central Themes of the School of Information Studies

  • Information and Telecommunications Management considers information and technologies within organizational contexts.
  • Information in the Marketplace relates how organizations interact with each other and exchanging information and products.
  • Information Representation and Retrieval forms the building blocks of information systems as well as the processes necessary to enable humans to access and use information.
  • Human-Information Interaction focuses on people and how the individual or group seeks and uses the products of information representation and retrieval.
  • Information and Society considers the implications and issues for culture and society of the broad scope of information systems and technologies.
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