Undergraduate students in the School of Information Studies are ahead of their peers. They understand the importance of knowing how to find information through Internet search engines and digital databases, present information through multimedia software or on web sites, and assess and use that information in making decisions.

Students in Hinds Hall Lobby
Students have the opportunity to work in various shared spaces called "collaboratories."

An educated person of the 21st century needs to have these skills to succeed in the work place--whether that means running your own business, designing web sites, feeding sports stats onto a teleprompter, pulling up medical records on a patient, or installing new software onto employees computers at a Fortune 500 company. Digital literacy is the new liberal art.

Our bachelor's degree program in information management and technology provides you with the management, problem-solving, and communication skills that will help you work effectively with information users, regardless of the industry. You will also gain an understanding of technology so you can bridge information needs with technical designers.

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