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Real school librarians don’t just teach, they lead.

Within the LIS degree program, the school offers a formal area of specialization in school librarianship (known as the school media program). The school media program focuses on teaching Library and Information Science (LIS) students the skills to help children in grades pre-K-to 12 in all areas of literacy and technology fluency. Our program is ranked #4 in the country in School Media Programs and ranked #1 in Student Services and Technology  and is on the Honor Roll for Online Graduate Education, according to US News & World Report.

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The MSLIS degree with School Media certification prepares graduates to enter other specializations in the library profession — including academic libraries (e.g. community colleges) and public libraries — where they serve as librarians for children's and young adult services. Renowned faculty, innovative courses, and award-winning research and development projects at the School of Information Studies continue to make school media an exciting program with a wide variety of learning experiences and opportunities.

Students who graduate from the iSchool's School Media Program do NOT need to take additional education courses, as all the New York State Department of Education requirements are infused into our curriculum.

Those who already possess an accredited master's degree in library and information science can be certified as a school librarian by completing the specified curriculum requirements of our Certificate in Advanced Studies in School Media.

For teachers who need to complete a graduate degree within five years of receiving their initial certification, the Master of Science in Library and Information Science in School Media fulfills that requirement.

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School Media Specialization Objectives

The School Media Program prepares information professionals for work in school libraries. Graduates develop the following knowledge, skills, and attitudes:

  • Teach all K-12 all students (including those with diverse learning abilities, styles, and needs) to be effective and efficient users of ideas and information
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers and other educators
  • Raise teachers' expectations of and encourage teacher input on what the school library media program can do to facilitate and enhance teaching and learning
  • Become an expert on curriculum goals and how to integrate library and information resources and services with those goals
  • Demonstrate connections among information literacy standards, curricular goals, and instructional policies
  • Plan and develop curriculum-integrated activities, lessons, and units of instruction and assessment of student achievement of information literacy concepts and processes
  • Identify resources that support and enhance the curriculum
  • Integrate information and instructional technologies into classroom teaching and learning
  • Encourage students to become information literate, independent learners, and socially responsible in their use of information and information technology
  • Encourage and engage students in reading, writing, viewing, and listening for understanding and enjoyment
  • Foster individual and collaborative student inquiry
  • Motivate a love of reading and lifelong learning
  • Manage library resources and services
  • Provide access to the larger learning community
  • Provide access to a full range of information resources and services that support teaching and learning
  • Become visionary leaders in their schools, districts, and profession


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