MS in Library and Information Science

Today's new librarians are not threatened or made obsolete by the Internet or technology; instead they are using everything at their disposal to shape the world around you — often without you even noticing.

Master’s Degree: Library and Information Science

The Syracuse University School of Information Studies’ master’s in Library and Information Science curriculum is a comprehensive 36 credit degree program that prepares graduates to find library science jobs in a broad range of organizations, including non-library settings. Classes are offered both on-campus and online, with class size generally ranging from 10-40 students.

Students who matriculate in the master’s degree program in Library and Information Science come from diverse backgrounds across the U.S. and throughout the world, yet all are drawn to one goal - to have a positive impact on how communities access and use information. Those communities may be a K-12 school, academic institution, public library, corporation, government agency or cultural institution.

Library and Information Science Courses

The core curriculum includes three key areas focused on both library science and information science: an introduction to the library and information science professions and environments, library and information resources and organization, and management and policy.

Students are able to select 14 credits of electives from a variety of graduate classes that integrate with library science including information architecture, information behavior, database administration, innovation, metadata, budgeting and project management.

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The School of Information Studies Library and Information Science program is accredited by the American Library Association (ALA)


The iSchool has over 50 full-time faculty members, including those who teach specific courses for library science and information science. The research and teaching interests of the library science and information science faculty vary widely and include digital literacy, information access for members of underrepresented populations, data modeling, innovation, copyright, transformative games, library value and impact, and motivation theory.


Because it is important to your career, the Syracuse University's Master's of Science in Library and Information Science (MSLIS) program has been fully accredited by the American Library Association (ALA) since 1928. In North America, most library employers require an ALA-accredited master's degree for professional level positions. In addition, many states require an ALA-accredited degree to work as a professional librarian in public or school libraries. Outside of North America, ALA accreditation is valued because of the review process that every program goes through to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the profession.  

Guiding Council

The purpose of the LIS Program Guiding Council is to review the Library and Information Science Program, to study and evaluate information collected on the program’s impact, to make recommendations for future courses of action and to serve in an advisory and advocacy capacity. Members of the Guiding Council represent the iSchool faculty and staff, MSLIS program students and alumni, and library and information science professionals. Details on the Guiding Council composition can be found in its bylaws.

Library Science Jobs

Recent LIS Graduates are not just in libraries. Check out these interesting careers.

  • Electronic resource librarian
  • Librarian for instruction and outreach Archive specialist
  • University librarian
  • Internet policy specialist
  • Digital collections librarian
  • Metadata Librarian
  • Library media specialist
  • Legislative librarian

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Have a question about the program? Email or email to contact a current MSLIS student, who can answer questions about the iSchool or life in Syracuse.

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