Introduction to Data Science Open Online Course


As the world's data grow exponentially, organizations across all sectors, including government and not-for-profit, need to understand, manage and use big, complex data sets—known as Big Data, a term spreading through forward-thinking business dialogue and building job market demand.

Data science is the answer to optimizing (or, for starters, simply dealing with) Big Data. However, the iSchool’s distinct perspective approaches data science with a view of the full data life cycle, going beyond what most discuss as data analytics.

Data Science @ the iSchool

iSchool Offered Introduction to Data Science in Open Online Course

Particpants in the iSchool's first data science open online course got a taste of what comprises this emerging science and an understanding of what it means to work in what Harvard Business Review called the sexiest job of the 21st century, the data scientist. Using Dr. Jeffrey Stanton’s eBook, An Introduction to Data Science as a guide, participants ramped up on the most popular open source data science tool, the R open source statistical analysis and visualization system.

This opportunity was free of charge and began in late February, lasting four weeks.

Individuals who already have a deep understanding of data science may be interested in the iSchool's graduate level Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Data Science. Individuals interested in learning more about the iSchool's second data science open online course offering - Applied Data Science - can find more info here.

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